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MINT Condition Older 12g Semi-Automatic Super Black Eagle Shotgun from Benelli, Italy. Date stamped BB so by my reconning that puts the gun to 2005 production. SOME tables on line show this date code to be for 1992 but I don’t think THIS model was even thought of then so WHO KNOWS? Happy to update if anyone wants to supply 100% ACCURATE information if the above is incorrect.

Whichever date the gun IS still in MINT Condition so pretty remarkable for a semi-auto at either age!

27 ½” (700mm) Multi-Choke Barrel with Super Magnum 3 ½” (89mm) Chamber and a Ventilated ¼” (6mm) Sight Rib. A Tiny Brass Mid position Bead to line up with an equally petite High Viz Red Front. NOT Fleur de Leigh Proof Stamped so technical not for Steel SH-T. Current Choke is Wide Open / Cylinder and unfortunately the only one that came with the gun. They CAN be added too and I may even have matching examples here.


Stock Pull currently measures to 14 ¼” (360mm) which brings in an overall length of 49 5/8” (1260mm). Scales tip at a straight 7 ½ Lbs (3.4 kg). For those too young to know or too old to remember that’s 7 lbs 8 oz!

As said, this is not far from still being a BRAND NEW gun and a SUPERB Example of this Iconic model from Benelli. Nicely enough Patterned Walnut Stock with some reasonable Colour Contrast. One SMALL patch to the original Finish to the R/H side, an inch or so from the Original Benelli Recoil Pad. About the size of my small finger nail. Guessing at one time it had a light dent and a previous owner tried to fix it. IF correct the dent has gone but the original stock finish went with it! In reality its extremely minor and the ONLY thing to detail. Can also be fixed easily enough. Chequering is Extremely Clean, not ‘sharp’ to the touch but IS and still Well Defined. The ‘Black Eagle’ Head ‘coin’ inset to the bottom of the Pistol Grip.

Blacking to the Barrel and Action IS still 100% as New too. Zero sign of any loading scratches / rubs etc. or anything else.

Direct to the ‘Benelli Inertia system explained’. (The ‘Hollywood’ American commentary is what it is but the video IS SUPERB).


Back to the Steel SH-T:

THERE ARE more and more None Toxic Shot alternatives being produced. WITH near matching performances to traditional lead and close to, if not matching pressures. Take a look at Horton Gunmakers for their own entry into this debacle of modern day shooting. IF its so lethally deadly to shooters and game eaters how is it every old lead water main supply pipe is not getting ripped out and replaced? To my mind it’s a DISGRACE that the shooting industry did not simply ask that one simple question. NO, they saw an excuse to charge a fortune and that mainly to the detriment of the quarry. Just my opinion …..for what its worth?

Anyway, take a look for yourself:

NOW, to TRY and help speed up availability I WILL also suggest that YOU pass on details to everyone you know who shoots. Then ALL of us start to ask whoever we buy from why they are not DEMANDING cartridges made in this material? Basically VOTE with your WALLET.

YES, it will take a little time for everything to filter through but patience IS a virtue. It also allows everyone who wants to keep hold of their ‘old favourite’ for the rest of their lives. Even pass it on to the next generation and hopefully beyond!

On that note I AM looking into the possibility of stocking some direct from Steve at Hortons.                                                     RING for an update and keep checking the web site.