SSG 82 5.45×39 Bolt Action

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Here is a RARE opportunity to own a VERY rare piece of ‘Cold War’ History.

Not perfect but not far away I have a great example of a Scharfschutzengewehr 82 Bolt Action Rifle in 5.45 x 39 Caliber !

A rough translation …’ Sharp Shooter 82 ‘
Produced in East Germany in 1982, the actual manufacturer remaining a mystery.

The Carl Z eiss scope ( original specification ) that came with the rifle is also available ( removed for transport )….. Ill replace it and add pictures soon.
This is the same caliber as used in the universally recognized ‘ AK 47 ‘. Research suggests that there were only around 600 of these brought out of the ‘ Eastern Block ‘….. I could just re write details listed on Wikipedia but take a look for yourself if the rifle is of genuine interest….Ballistics, History, Cartridge design and a whole lot more is there for your information.
ANYONE else out there with one please let me know !
I have also located some ammunition which is available at additional cost to the rifle.