Whilst most of us are happy to mount our own scopes / sights etc. and have little problem doing so occasionally we can all encounter problems and / or get frustrated trying to get things set up perfectly and working correctly.

For those in this situation, or without the knowledge or experience to fit their own yet, we are happy to offer a fitting service to match any device to any gun (regardless of where it was purchased).
Prices start from £25 (exc. VAT), ultimately depending upon time spent and what is involved etc.

Rifles can be supplied, set up and test fired, ready to shoot but (with the best will in the world) final adjustment should always be carried out by the person actually firing the gun. Full instruction can / will be given for anyone who feels they would like the help.

WE ALL HAVE TO LEARN SOME WHERE…. just as we are all beginners at some point.

If a rifle and scope have been purchased here we are normally happy to include fitting of the scope etc., bore sighting and advice / tips on use etc. PROVIDED time allows and IS COMPLETELY AT OUR DISCRETION.