All guns will be subject to a minimum storage charge of £30.00 per gun to cover administration, booking in, inspection and any notification required etc. This will also cover storage for the first 4 weeks. After the first 4 weeks is complete, storage for each individual gun / firearm / batches of ammunition will then be charged at £0.50 per item per day ongoing. If guns need to be entered back onto a shotgun or firearms certificate we reserve the right to charge for this additional work and notifying the relevant police force department at £12.00 per item. To avoid this additional fee we suggest applying for any certificate renewal in good time. If your certificate expires any guns are automatically removed and require re-entering along with the usual legal notifications.

There is an initial administration fee of £25 (exc. VAT) (where Police notification is required) then a 50p (exc. VAT) per day per item charge.

Guns/weapons and any other items in probate / on behalf of a deceased estate will be discussed on an individual basis with the executor/s as required. A FULL valuation and / or disposal service is also available to assist under these circumstances.


It is YOUR responsibility to stay in contact on a QUARTERLY basis and to keep any account fully paid, up to date and current.

Further charges MAY become applicable if we have to pursue customers to settle accounts and / or collect guns.

For details please see our FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS, available on request.

If, after 3 recorded attempts to contact you, no response is received, settlement of any outstanding account is not made in full and / or collection of the said items is not arranged, we reserve the right to sell or dispose of ANY AND ALL items to recover outstanding accounts, debts, as well as any other expenses incurred to do this, from the proceeds of any such sale of the said goods NO FURTHER NOTICE OR ATTEMPTS to make contact WILL BE MADE. Value assigned and or sale prices of the goods will be at our discretion and no claim for compensation will be accepted. Any balance due may / will be requested via court action.

If you move house, contact details or circumstances change etc. it is YOU’RE responsibility to keep us informed of such details. We can only try to get in touch through whatever details we have already supplied when guns are deposited and take no financial or any other responsibility if any contact and / or correspondence attempts do not actually arrive with you.

You may well consider these terms to be harsh. However, whilst we are happy to offer storage facilities we are not happy to do so without adequate funds to pay for doing so. Guns can be left indefinitely as long as accounts are kept up to date. Trouble begins when people ‘abandon’ their property, make no attempt to advise of any problems (whether inside their control or from third parties such as delays in certificate renewals etc.) and ignore efforts by us to make contact. If accounts are left unsettled and rising the situation can easily become unacceptable as the true value of any items become less than outstanding storage charge debts (taking account of admin fees and any selling commission and or other expenses) even if the item/s are actually sold.

If LONG TERM storage is required for such things as working abroad etc. then we are happy to offer a quotation for payment ‘up front’ for a set period etc. Again, it is your responsibility to ensure any contact details we hold are current should we need to get in touch for any reason and should contracts be extended or circumstances change please get in touch as soon as possible to advise etc.

STAYING IN TOUCH on a regular basis generally prevents ANY and all problems before they start but as any such items are your responsibility so is staying in touch etc. You have ‘you’ to think about, we have the entire business to keep up to date!

THANK YOU for your understanding and compliance in this matter. If you are not happy with any of these terms and conditions then please leave any items elsewhere.