We are happy to send any items direct for UK delivery, Import and Export where possible, or to a local dealer to you, where the law requires (Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Air rifles and ammunition / components etc.).

Once an item is paid for in full it will be sent (HOPEFULLY) the next working day for delivery the following working day. You are welcome to try out our pre used guns, HOWEVER … PLEASE do not “go mad”.

A couple of 3 or 5 round groups through a rifle or, a dozen or so shots through a shotgun, should suffice to know if the gun suites you.

If the gun / item is not for you we are happy to offer a full refund PROVIDED the following:

  • The gun arrives back here in the same or better condition it left,
  • You let us know within 7 days that it is being returned.

ANY and ALL administration AND delivery charges are at YOUR expense, along with any cleaning required or damage suffered / repairs needed, regardless of where or how so caused.

Current charges are advised at the time and depend on costs to us plus time and materials to pack etc. (normally £35 for a single gun to anywhere UK mainland).

ALL ITEMS and Firearms are checked prior to dispatch as well as photographed etc. They should function / work correctly. Obviously, if anything is faulty then we will endeavour to sort any issue out to everyone’s satisfaction at the earliest and least expense either way.

Exporting: Overseas Customers.

PLEASE NOTE: Again we are happy to export goods from stock and / or locate specific items as well as take delivery from other dealers and arrange shipments of single or multiple orders BUT PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THE FOLLOWING as a GUIDE:

  • To actually get a gun out of the UK into Mainland Europe will cost in the region of £300 PLUS.
  • To get a gun to the USA / Australia etc. will generally cost more, PLUS the delivery to the courier from me.
  • This includes the application for export documents etc. but the bulk of these costs are from the airlines / couriers and are out of our control.
  • This does not include insurance which is an optional extra and based on value.

If anyone can come up with a legitimate way to reduce these costs I will HAPPILY adopt it.

The ONLY way to reduce export costs is to send multiple shipments (to a SINGLE ‘End User’). An additional gun adds approx. £60. One extra weapon halves the original cost plus £30 each …. if 8 or 10 items travel under the one export certificate the cost of each item becomes negligible.

Gun Transfers:

We are happy to offer a full service for people wishing to purchase gun/s from other areas of this country or any other.

For UK transfers a charge of £35 is made for each item to cover administration and paperwork etc. This includes police notifications as well as all other paperwork required of the transfer.

Please be aware that Durham Constabulary now require that whoever is ACTUALLY selling a firearm or shotgun endorses the relevant certificate. This means that you now have to send your certificate to the vendor, they fill out the relative section/s and return the certificate back to you. You then collect the gun once arrival is confirmed.