We are happy to fill any PCP air rifle for a customer. Although there is a FULLY dry air filtered 400bar compressor now available it is not located on site. However, rifles can be re charged from suitable bottles which ARE here as long as you remember to bring your filling lance or we have a suitable model available.

NORMAL charge for a refill / top up is £4.50.

FULL AIR RIFLE SERVICES are also provided BUT these are done off site by gunsmiths who specialize in air rifle servicing and repairs and carry out this work on a regular, day by day basis. The additional cost involved to send and return the rifle is generally far less than the time spent having to source out the exact, fully correct seal packages for this or that particular model as well as then read through instructions to follow the intricacies’ of each particular rifle etc. Your gun also comes back to you fully tested and optimally set up for the best performance possible and a lot faster! Prices start from £125 and all work carries warranty.

Additional works / none standard repairs required will be advised and agreed prior to any work being carried out and this involves production of new parts which may no longer be available (where possible and economically viable to supply).

A range of Brand New as well as pre-used hand pumps, re fill bottles and associated accessories can also be supplied to suit your individual requirements.