Has to be a FIRM FAVOURITE with Shotguns but more especially Rifles. It generally revolves around the number of shots any particular gun has done.

ANSWER; SADLY I have yet to find any shotgun or rifle with a built in chip or SD Card set up to keep count. Very few people keep accurate counts. Those that do tend to do a lot of shooting. Buyers want to hear as low a number as possible. One generally defeats the other as 100% TRUTH is unlikely. Especially when people want to sell things.

Unless I KNOW what a gun HAS actually done I pass no comment. FAR BETTER to see what it is capable of and pass judgement then (assuming capabilities match or exceed the gun).


What’s the bore like? Is there any pitting?¬† Have you bore scoped it?

STRAIGHT OFF; NOT A GREAT FAN of Bore Scopes for several reasons. More often than not people use them to RIP APART a gun someone is trying to sell. Trade as well as public so BE WARNED. Its great watching the image of a bore scope travel along a barre. But DO REMEMBER the bore of your rifle is very likely between .17 through .30, possibly bigger. For arguements sake lets call the average a straigh 1/4″ (6mm) Diameter.

Up goes the bore scope with images appearing on a screen of lets say a lap top. Even a relatively small screen of approx. 16″ diagonal is still WELL over 1600 times bigger. It is actually well over. That number takes zero account of each and every little corner (4). A 1/4″ circle inside a 1/4″ square leaves the four corners. With all those added in the screen is likely closer to 2000x bigger than the ACTUAL rifle bore.

ANY and EVERY even tiny blemish IS going to show. Not only show but also look dreadfull. That is when the ‘ooos and ahhhs’ start. Along with the ‘lines’ about how much more they would have given. If ONLY in better condition.

You have just sat and watched the ‘horror show’ of your rifles bore. Then comes in patter about how little they can afford to pay. The work that will need doing etc. to correct your poor care, attention and cleaning BULL S-IT. Its EASY pickings considering you now simply want that gun LONG GONE as you think / have been told it’s WORTHLESS. People JUMP at the insult of an offer with both hands open. Thinking anything is better than nothing and the gun is worthless as it is.


Do I need to be a certain age to buy an air rifle?

Emma Rifles require customers to be at least 18 years old to purchase a rifle. Moreover, you will need to provide evidence of this when purchasing. This can be in the form of a driving license, passport or ID card.

In order to buy a gun, do I require a license?

Do I need to inform the police that I have purchased a firearm?