Any goods you consider require returning please CALL or EMAIL and advise of such BEFORE doing so. We will agree the best way to resolve any issues etc. HOPEFULLY they will be able to be correct anything swiftly and easily. Sometimes with little more than advice over the phone etc.

Actual returns MUST include a FULL and accurate description of any problem. ALSO your FULL contact details and proof of purchase.

ANY and ALL items MUST leave you by RECORDED / TRACKED delivery. (If goods go missing in transit there is little to nothing we can do. As such any responsibility lies with you, the customer for the safe return of goods). Obviously in such circumstances any refund / liability etc. is void.

We will return any NEW GOODS covered under manufacturers / suppliers warranties for attention under the said warranty. However, please be aware administration, packaging and delivery MAY be chargeable. PLEASE ALSO BE AWARE that any outcome under such warranty is beyond our control. If you are unhappy their decission any dispute is between YOU and THEM / the warranty provider. We WILL try to assist within reason.

We will discuss the return of Pre-used goods purchased from ourselves on an individual basis. With the best course of action agreed upon to suit both parties. BE AWARE; These goods carry NO WARRANTY as such. It therefore falls to EMmA Custom Rifle’s discretion as to any outcome. We WILL endeavour to be as helpful as possible. Please remember a sensible attitude from both sides ALWAYS works best for all concerned.

PRE-USED GUNS purchased ‘remotely’. (Not inspected on site here at point of purchase). Sent to a local Registered Fire Arms Dealer :

You are welcome to try a gun. ….Just DON’T go mad ! Half a round of clays with a shotgun. Two or three, 3 or 5 round groups through a rifle. Either should be more than sufficient to allow you to see if the gun ‘works’ for you. If it’s no good for fit etc. OR you consider not as described. Let me know within the week / 10 days and it can come back.

As long things arrive back here in the same or better condition they left I’m happy to do a refund. ANY and ALL Administration and / or Delivery charges at your expense. ANY cleaning and / or repair IS also FULLY chargeable.