We are happy to carry out gun repairs and alterations in our own workshops where we have tools and machinery etc. to do so. Some specialist areas may require the involvement of other gunsmiths and trades with suitable experience, knowledge and equipment for such tasks but this is all arranged via ourselves to provide you with a service to cover just about any situation that might occur.

Just as we appreciate some guns carry huge sentimental value for people we will also try to offer our opinion and guidance on the financial viability of repairs in comparison to a guns value and, whilst we are happy to try and repair things, you, as the customer, also need to appreciate and understand that ‘one off’ precision and none readily available parts for older guns can work out to be very time consuming to try to locate (if even still possible) or produce. As such things like this can prove to be not inexpensive. We will always attempt to give an estimate where repairs are concerned. Some will be pretty basic and easy to advise whilst others can turn out to be problematic once work commences.

Alterations such as reducing rifle barrels, threading and re crowning etc. are somewhat easier to carry out and CAN be done within 24 hours, although normal turnaround is generally advised within a week or so for such work.

Stock alteration can also be carried out and any risks advised prior to work commencing.

We TRY to carry out any alterations and repair as quickly as possible but time available to dedicate to this avenue of work is dependent on many factors, not least of which tends to be customers themselves. With a small but dedicated staff the number of tasks involved in running the gun dealership is VAST, VERY time consuming and often demands prioritizing the many different areas so some patience and understanding is appreciated.