D.F. FEARN 7×57 275

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7×57 ( .275 ) D. F. Fearn of Catton. Derbyshire Bolt Action rifle. A Very Pretty Maple Walnut stock with Horn tip to the forend and grip. Hand engraving to the action and magazine floor plate. Built on a BRNO action and threaded 14x1mm ready to take a sound moderator of choice.

This has sat quietly in a cabinet for quite some time. I need to decide to either stick with the same calibre Schoenauer I currently use or swap them out. Though now listed, live and for sale I am still undecided. This is another ‘ sleeper ‘ with very little sign of use but it’s also just one of those guns that feels ‘right’ as soon as you pick it up.
If you know what I mean by that then great…. if you dont I dont have enough words to explain !
It IS a little gem.

Originally commissioned by a Derbyshire Estate owner as a gift for his son’s 21st birthday unfortunately he hadno interest in shooting. Consequently the rifle was sold, finding its way to me, via that buyer.