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A STUNNING example of a J.P. Sauer and Sohn .243 Bolt Action, 202 ELEGANCE Sporting rifle. With timber I would estimate at Grade 5 or 6 this is an EXTREMELY pretty rifle. It is also something of a ‘Sleeper’ and tucked away with minimal use. With a little time to ‘mature’ the marbling and different grain patterns will grow steadily deeper. The result will be even nicer and deeper contrasts and pattern developing. This woodwork will only  improve with time.

Anyone unfamiliar with Sauer manufacturing will not be disappointed with anything they produce. TOP QUALITY German design and engineering combine to give firearms second to none from any of the main stream producers. Classified as ‘take down’ rifles the stocks quickly detach for more compact, discreet and safer transport. The same barrels are also interchangeable between several different calibre options. Sauer guns will always be well thought of, sought after and very accurate. Certainly something for the shooter who wants that little bit ‘extra’. Something over and above the ‘run of the mill’ options usually chosen by the main flock.

An additional feature on this particular rifle is the Compact, Factory Threaded (14x1mm) and FLUTED 22” barrel. This is also fitted with Sauer High Visibility open / iron sights. The front bead being red with a yellow triangle rear ‘V’ sight. As such a VERY easy to use rifle for fast, accurate open sight shooting. Admittedly, perhaps not the best calibre for that style / discipline. However, in the right hands, still capable of taking anything down cleanly. Stock pull is at 14 1/8” with the recoil pad. The usual Rosewood Schnabel Forend tip, pistol grip cap and Quick Detachable sling stud points finish off the quality stock. The Jewelled / ‘Engine Turned’ Butter Knife Handle Bolt just adds to the overall finesse.

This is a 200 model with the push up / down safety stud running from the top of the tang to inside the trigger guard. A VERY handy feature for a left or right handed shot. This also comes with a Fully adjustable Set or Hair trigger. This feature can be a wonderful aid to accuracy as long as you get to know how to use it.

I generally have a variety of scope mounts in stock offering a choice of tube diameter as well as height with fixed position through to high end Quick Detachable, Return to Zero options.

A standard example Elegance, new today, lists out at circa. £4000 (not a lot less anyway). With the additional extras on this rifle it was probably between £500 and £1000 on top of that.

I also have a clean Canvas and Leather trimmed Sauer Take Down Travel case available for this or any of the other Sauer rifles I have here for sale. Please ask / check to see it is still in stock and available if interested.