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NEW these guns hit the shelves with prices over £8000 today.
OK… admittedly they are new and you do have the option of multi chokes, single trigger etc. BUT the basic SUPERB ACTION, method and style of construction STILL remain the same.
Merkel, Suhl guns are ALWAYS HIGHLY regarded and with good reason. They are one of Germany’s premier manufacturer’s for production and bespoke guns in all formats.
Talk to anyone who has been lucky and / or sensible enough to invest in one. They will almost certainly tell you they are one of the best balanced guns you can possess.

This comes with an unusual straight hand 14 1/2″ stock with a right hand cast ( but isnt excessive by any measure ). The engraved box lock action is classic Merkel with simple engraving and cross bolt locking. Ultimate safety and cocking indicators as standard. They build HEAVY caliber double rifles on the same actions which handle every bit as well as their shotguns.
Fixed chokes at 1/4 and 3/4 in 28″ barrels complete this excellent game gun that is also surprisingly light when compared to other similar guns. I havnt actually weighed this against others it just feels lighter. That may well be to do with the ‘ balance ‘ I detailed above but its certainly a gun that HAS that little additional style about it.