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Remington ‘THE RANGE MASTER’ Model 37 Bolt Action .22 Rim Fire Target Rifle. 28” (710mm) Heavy Target Match Grade Barrel. 12 5/16” (313mm) Trigger Pull length. Overall length is 45” dead (1144mm) and it tips the scales at a Solid 10 Lbs 2 ½ oz.

All fully and correctly stamped up the rifle also comes, as pictured, with Original and Dedicated Rear Peep Hole Dioptre Sight. Matching Front Element Holder along with a Screw in Six Hole Eyepiece.

The barrel also drilled and tapped to accept a pair of dovetail bases. One immediately forward of the front action ring with the second approx. 7 ¼” (184mm) in front.

Single Shot Magazine Conversion Tray fitted but sadly no multiple shot magazine present.

Fully Adjustable Highest Quality Match Grade Trigger. The Bolt with Low Level Flag Safety. The For-end recessed to take an adjustable Front Sling Position Rail. Lock off screw currently missing. I can sort one out but it will need making by hand so price would reflect the time and effort.

Talking about price PLEASE DO check out what money these SUPERB Early Dedicated Target Rifles sell for. When I did so details listed anything from circa 1200 $ US through to over 2000 $ US!

That is because they KNOW what they will have and the rarity of such a gun.

Equally I DO also need to detail a repaired crack to the stock through the grip. This could do with another attempt as movement is still there. There is also evidence of a strengthening pin or bolt through the grip cap position. It appears to run right through to the rear of the rear main action screw area.

A GREAT Shame in reality as the woodwork is Quite Bonny with some Excellent Grain and Pattern.

It also features a Strong Straight and Tight Grain through the wrist and a shame it did not stand up. Equally, at this weight, there will be very little if anything capable of keeping its integrity if dropped or falls.

The trouble is I have no idea or way of finding out exactly how this repair has been done. With the crack showing very mild movement a second attempt might be helpful. BUT not if it wrecks things completely when checking.

There is also the option of having a replacement stock easily produced by anyone with a coping machine. The original with zero chequering from new so an even easier task. On a RARE and COLLECTABLE rifle like this it IS something warranting giving serious consideration toward. Done sympathetically it is only EVER going to see an increase in value.

OR there IS also the usual solution and simply take care of the rifle when its out of a cabinet etc. being used. Use it all day (and all night) and it may well still give decades of Great Shooting exactly as it is.

£1299.99 YES that IS with the stock as detailed. Find another without having to buy at the other side of the world.