HOWA 375 R uger 1500 Stainless Sporter

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Howa Rifles…. WHAT can I tell you ?

SOOOOOOO so many options. The sales rep. cant keep pace. I, as a retailer, struggle to stay up to date so for you as the end user / customer I have ultimate sympathy !

Lets start with caliber options :
.204 / .223 / .22-250 / .243 / 6.5×55 / 6.5 Creedmoor / 25-06 / .270 / 30-06 / 300 Win Mag / 7mm – 08 / 7mm Mag / .308 / .338 Win Mag and .375 R uger.

( The .375 R uger actually out performs the traditional .375 H&H ! )

Depending on caliber choice you have the possible options of a Sporting weight barrel in Blued, Stainless and now Cerakote finish ( which is promoted as over 180 times more corrosion resistant than Stainless steel ).
Alternatively, again on caliber, you have the option of a Varmint / Target weight in the same finishes then add to that a choice in either 24″ or 20″ barrel.
Threaded as standard but un threaded can be supplied and just to throw more into the mix SOME caliber’s are available with Blue Fluted barrel options.

Moving swiftly on to stock choice it really begins to spiral out of control….
We start with a standard Hogue over molded rubberized option in Black, Green or Desert Sand. You can then choose either a Desert Kings Camo or a Buffalo Hide and Seek ( both similar to Real Tree pattern ) or a DPM called Harvest Moon and even a complete ‘ Marmite ‘ option ( you will either love it or hate it ) Kryptek Typhoon. ( It also appears there is also another new one called Kryptek Highlander ! ).
We then get into the laminate options in Standard stock format or two Thumb Hole versions in Pepper Grey and Nutmeg Brown.
After that we move into the Knoxx Axiom V/S Double recoil reducing stock with the T/H option in Black or a Kings Desert Camo or Black in the pistol grip stock.
Then wander into 10 choices from Bell and Carlson ‘ Medalist ‘ range and from there into the world of GRS FULLY adjustable laminate options, again around 10 colour / styles to consider and ……..
FINALLY the GRS ‘ BoltHorn ‘ FULL TACTICAL ‘ hard anodized 6082 T6 Alluminium body with so many adjustments and attachment options its as long as the details above !

To add more fuel you also have the many and varied ‘Package deal’ options which DO offer UNBEATABLE value.
With a full options package to include the threaded rifle in caliber of choice, thread cap protector, stock, Sonic sound moderator, choice of three height option swivel top bipod, scope base rail, scope rings a Nikko Sterling scope of choice ( standard option is a 3-12×56 Illuminated ‘ Diamond ‘ with 30mm tube, a magazine conversion kit ( standard action lengths only ( .223 / .243 / .308 etc. )) with choice of detachable 5 or 10 round magazine ALL supplied in a hard carry case ( which is actually a double gun size from me so everything actually fits ! ).
Ime happy to sort out a complete set up and upgrade scopes or anything else. It all starts with you negotiating your way through the choices.
FOR THE BEST PRICE POSSIBLE please get in touch.
Finally, just so you know, the rifles themselves are EXCELLENT value for money. With chamber tolerances close and equal to those specified on hand built long range target rifles these can out perform a lot of people who will be pulling the trigger ! Please dont be put off by the price or peoples comments who think you have to spend a fortune to get something to shoot straight.
I sell a LOT of these rifles and have had no real, major or genuine complaints to date.
With prices for a basic Sporting Blued rifle starting from £540 ( depending on offers from Highland Outdoors, the importer these really are difficult to beat.
In package deals they work out to around £250 for a BRAND NEW FULL WARRANTY rifle ( by the time you deduct the standard prices of everything else in the deal ) !
Just to add even more into the mix we are just about to launch yet another option in the form of the HOWA ALPINE rifles too ! Details to follow as and when they become available.