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TAKE YOUR PICK… ‘ 8mm Mauser ‘ / 8 x 57 / 7.92mm Mauser. ALL ONE AND THE SAME!

Parker Hale 1200 ‘ Super ‘ Bolt action Rifle.
Looking through the most modern Parker Hale catalogue I have ( 1973/4 ) they did NOT actually make rifles in this calibre….  Anyone with any newer information by all means please send details.

If not this looks to be yet another ‘ ODD BALL ‘ to go with the others I just love to find. Research details there was a batch made for sale on continental Europe / the German market. The calibre is far better known and appreciated over there. Sales did not go as well as hoped for. (In reality Europe was awash with WW11 military surplus rifles converted for sporting use). The rest went to the US.

EVEN SO a VERY collectable rifle these days and certainly far from common. The barrel is also slightly unusual to the majority of Parker Hale rifles. There are no provisions for open sights to be fitted. No screw holes or dovetails etc. This was made for a scope and NOT open or iron sight use.
Catalogue spec. states a drop to the comb of 1.8″ and to the heel 2.3″. A single stage adjustable gold washed trigger along with the other details / specs. in listing.
Metal work is PRISTINE inside and out. The stock does have SMALL blemishes but nothing that won’t easily lift…. Two cups of tea would probably produce enough steam!


I actually took this rifle out to shoot / try / test. We came back with a three round almost touching group from the first three shots !Sub inch group in a blustery strong wind off the top of a gun case. The shooting position was far from comfortable too due to the state of the floor. Everywhere was SOAKING withthe only piece of half decent grass laid completely wrong. Feet about a foot higher then my head while trying to shoot slightly up hill to the target!
Give this a chance in decent weather, off a bipod / sand bag or any other reasonable rest. It WILL put most if not all brand new rifle to shame.

NOW.. Go take a look at the ballistics for this round. bear in mind it’s what Germany used in the war for everything, including their military snipers. Adopted by a MASSIVE number of Europen hunters after the war it reamins a firm favourite. Quietly Stalking or in the thick of Driven Game days it DOES THE JOB.


Foot Note:

Another owner recently sent in an update of what they know. That advises Parker Hale made a grand total of ONLY 200 of these. They did so to try and tempt our ‘European neighbours’. Unfortunately they failed to consider the huge numbers of readily available and stupidly inexpensive milsurp rifles already there. His information details they managed to sell a grand total of 2.

Personally I suspect they made a ‘test batch’ and sent to check the demand. Afterall it is a nation devoted to the calibre. In all likelihood the numbers and cost of easily available recommissioned actions simply drowned out any potential sales. Why pay, what would likely be 4 or 5 times and more for a ‘new’ rifle? Especially when there were thousands readily available for substantially less. OK, maybe not quite as nice but just as effective down range.

Either way STILL a rare but VERY useful calibre for anything up to and including all driven game, especially Boar.