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Ever popular .243 Calibre Bolt Action Model 1200 Beavertail Rifle from the ICONIC and BRITISH manufacturer Parker Hale.

22 ½” (572mm) barrel and a stock pull of 14 1/8” (360mm). They bring in an overall length of 43 ½” (1105mm) and a weight of 7 Lbs 5 oz (3.325 Kg).

What looks to be an unusual Maple Walnut example with an equally unusual and Striking Dark Grain Pattern. The usual 1200 Deluxe model Rosewood Grip Cap but this is the Rarer Beaver-tail forend too. As such no forend tip. Chequering is still reasonably sharp and crisp and the usual raised cheek piece. Also a later made guns as the action has a Browned finish as opposed to the usual Blued / Black. Standard Hinged Floor Plate Magazine with the Embossed finish depicting a Rams Head in Scrollwork.

I put a package together for a Gamekeeper customer a few years ago. He set me a pretty unrealistic budget wanting .243, mounts, an 8×56 and a sound moderator. Equally he did say a 4” group at 50 yards would be more than adequate for what he needed!

The only thing readily available to start things with was what appeared to be a seriously worn out Parker Hale. The first batch of factory ammunition managed to do a 4” group at 100 yards. So actually twice as good as required. That said I was not happy about allowing a rifle out I could produce a more realistic group with.

Packing things up on the range I noticed a half box of another brand ammunition and figured ‘why not’. With light going quickly and rain getting heavy I fired 3 rounds down range. Grabbed everything up, threw it all in the car and ran back down for the target boards. When I get back and everything unpacked and dried off I then took a look at the targets. This ‘package’ had a three round group with all three holes completely covered by a 1p piece. That’s the modern day Metric and not the old Imperial that a lot out there have never even seen.

Now, not saying this will do the same BUT no reason why it would not.