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HAENEL 12G SIDE BY SIDE ‘PIGEON GRADE’ SHOTGUN.                                                

SUPERBLY made and TOP QUALITY Side by Side 12g from Heanel in Suhl, Germany.  A Box Lock Ejector with approx. 27 ½” (70cm exactly) barrels which are both at FULL choke. A GREAT choice for good long birds and throwing a tight pattern to provide more ‘knock down’ performance at greater range. 2 ¾” chambers with a tapering (11 to 7mm) Concave Matt finished, machined rib. Details to the barrels show ‘SPECIAL GEVEHR’ Four circles, similar to the Olympics symbol / rings and ‘LAUF. STAHAL S.G.1. With a triple locking bite, including the cross action bolt makes this action IMMENSELY strong too. With built in cocking indicators along with the ‘Clipped’ action face the build quality just continues to exude from this gun. Not that it is needed but to expand even further even the internal components from trigger blades through to hammers are even individually numbered to match the gun. THAT is something normally reserved for the ‘Best of the Best’ Bespoke, Hand Made Shotguns from the Very Best Gun makers anywhere in the world! The additional feature of the Scalloped action just ‘crowns’ things. The stock is a Straight, relatively plain but strong grained Walnut measuring in at 14 ½” and the original Colour Case Hardening is still present to a large degree so overall the gun cannot have done that much shooting either. As seen, this is also set up in the more usual ‘European’ format with sling points attached / provided to the barrels and stock. Perhaps a little unusual is no raised cheek piece so often present on these guns.

Personally I seriously ‘rate’ guns like. They FAR EXCEED anything available at several times the price for build quality, finish and style and offer the Very Best of the Gun Makers Art for a fraction of what they should command. There is no real comparison even against a high end ‘London’ Boxlock and they do not turn up very often either!