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David Lloyd of Pipewell, England .270 Bolt action Rifle. Many regard as amongst the 10 best rifle makers in the world. Of all time !

This man actually designed and produced the .244 Magnum. He later passed that to Holland and Holland of London.

He wanted to concentrate on larger magnums to satisfy and excell at his passion for stalking the open hills of Scotland. There he required rifles with excellent long range capabilities and complete reliability to maintain zero.
His ‘ concept ‘ was to build the rifle to the scope instead of merely adding a scope to the rifle. Once set up there should be no need to ever alter anything (as long as the same ammunition is produced and used).

This is as clean a rifle as you will find. As such as close to new as you would hope for. SUPERB performance at any reasonable range  shooting at live quarry. Certainly for ANY SPORTSMAN with ANY respect for what they are doing.

.270 Winchester is unusual for  David Lloyd but a perfectly capable calibre for anything on UK shores. That said it will easily cope with most things anywhere in the right hands.

Quite a RARE piece. As detailed, most rifles from this ICONIC British Rifle maker came in Magnum calibres only. Purpose built to cater for Open Hill Red Deer management. Rifles produced to  perform a clean one shot kill over longer ranges on large animals. His design concept was to begin with the scope and fit the rifle to it. A complete reversal of the ‘normal’ way of thinking.

Take a look at one of these weapons and the Lloyd Scope Mounting design and engineering is second to none WORLD WIDE. Once set up and zeroed in to the ammunition it should never require adjustment again. As long as the bullet performance remains constant and the shot good it WILL end up where the cross hair was.

A small quantity of rifles produced in .243 to cater for lowland / woodland stalking do exist. I still have one in stock. Other than them the only other none magnum I have seen was a 25-06 that passed through few years ago. As such this is, as said, a rare rifle plus one with readily available factory ammunition or easy home loading.

23 ½” (587mm) original un-threaded barrel set to an original WWII German GEW 98 Mauser Action. (As most top quality / high end sporting rifles are). Pull length is 13 ½” (343mm) and finishes the overall length at 44 1/8” (1120mm). Including the Mounts and Scope as pictured the entire combination tips scales at a very handy 8 Lbs 11 oz (3.946 Kg). I say ‘handy’ as at this level the rifle is about the best of all worlds. Not too heavy to be a burden on a long days stalking. Not too light so that the recoil becomes a problem.

The TOP Quality WELL Figured Walnut Stock is profiled in a Classic English Sporting Rifle format including Traditional Recoil Pad. Some excellent Grain Pattern throughout with  Raised and Fielded Cheek Piece. Excellent Strong Straight Grain through the grip and good colour contrast as well. The usual ‘flared’ relief to the loading / ejection recess. Typical David Lloyd LOW Profile Cranked Bolt Handle to keep things as streamlined as possible.

As with all of these rifles the ‘standard’ scope fitted in production is generally a Swarovski Habitch Tirol 4x power. This is no exception and comes with a 3 Duplex reticle. Both scope bells retain the manufacturers slip on, made to fit plastic protectors. This also comes with a pair of Hand Made Leather slip on ‘Bikini’ lens covers. Admittedly the ‘knicker’ elastic could do with replacement but they do still work as they are.

The Jewelled / Machine Turned Bolt Shaft and Release catch just set everything off in an EVER CLASSIC way. Finished off with a Black Buffalo Horn Forend Tip and Grip Cap.

There is hardly a blemish anywhere on this rifle. What few there are only realistically show if they are positioned to catch the light. Otherwise this is a VERY clean example of a FINE and CLASSIC rifle that have ALWAYS been collectors pieces even from new.

If they sported certain London makers stamps the price new today would be eye watering and PLUS 20% VAT!