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‘5 STAR MAJESTIC’ .308 Calibre Bolt Action Sporting Rifle, from that ICONIC British Engineering Company, BSA, Birmingham, England.

Some Bolts were actually detailed with the word Majestic while others, like this, were simply imprinted with the 5 stars. Basically their top of range version.

22 3/8” (570mm) Barrel with a stock pull length an 1/8” short of 14” (353mm). Overall it comes in at 42” (1065mm) and tips scales at 6 Lbs 14 oz (3.108 Kg).

As said, a rifle from what was once one of the world’s best known engineering companies. What they did not produce wasn’t really worth making! As such these rifles DO still have a dedicated following to this day. Its also pretty safe to assume that there IS GOOD REASON the rifle is still about. Generally that reason comes down to still achieving serious accuracy. As with most things they tend to disappear if they do not still work extremely well.

The original rear open / iron sight is missing. No doubt removed to fit a scope with flip up lens cover/s. I should have a replacement if required. As detailed the bolt is impressed with Five Stars to denote their highest model. It also features the usual cocking indicator pin to the back. Action itself is machined with a ‘Double Dovetail’ Scope Rail, very similar to older Sako rifles.

Interested to KNOW who came up with the design first and who copied from who!

Hinged Floor Plate Magazine so near impossible to lose this also comes with a Fully Adjustable Trigger.

Now, The Stock…. Presuming an after-market Up-Grade with the panels of Carving now in place. That said I am pretty sure I have seen VERY similar if not exactly the same on other rifles over the years. Its possible these were available to order direct from BSA or that there was / is someone out there. Happily doing the same basic carving for people as and when required. Anyone who KNOWS by all means do, please, drop the information back.

Either way it turns the rifle into what I like to call ‘A Marmite’. You will either love it as is or curl a lip and move on to the next option. The carving in question features a panel of Oak Leaf and Acorns to each side of the magazine well. Then, to the Right side of the Stock a 12 point Royal Stag in a Natural Woodland setting. Other than that a Good, Tight Strong Straight Grain finished with the traditional Rosewood and White Spacer.

An Inexpensive yet CLASSIC Sporting rifle in an even more CLASSIC all round calibre. There is nothing else out there even now to offer as much versatility as the Good Old .308.