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EXCELLENT CONDITION Pre-used Browning SPORTING Model Cynergy Over and Under 12g Shotgun. 30” (760mm) Bare barrels that finish at 30 ¾” (680mm) with the Browning Invector Plus Chokes fitted. There IS a full set of 5 included with the gun along with its original Browning Logo Fitted Hard Carry Case. Pull is currently set at approx. 14 ¾” (375mm) but the Gold Washed Trigger is adjustable on a slide. The gun finished at an overall length of 48 ½” (1233mm) and tips scales at 8 Lbs 2 ½ oz (3.699 Kg).

The Elevated and Ventilated Sight Rib sports a Double Bead to help line up a perfect gun mount. It is also Tapered, reducing in width as it goes to the muzzle. Its actually a pretty neat feature if you have not looked down one before. Semi-Bright Silver Finished Action with CYNERGY inlaid in a Gold Finish to Each Side. Same again to the bottom along with SPORTING. The barrel lumps do have a couple of light ‘water’ marks to each side but that is about it as far as blemishes go.

The rest combined makes for something but the Stock IS this gun for me. In reality Browning are not particularly well known for decorative woodwork. Not unless you actually pay for it on one of their Higher Grade options. However, this may have just ‘been LUCKY’ or it may have been a Limited Edition / IWA Trade Fair Special. (I will have to remember and check with Browning UK). Regardless its IS a bit of a STUNNER. Highly Decorative with Excellent Gross Grain Tiger Stripe Highlights right along both sides. It also features a height and Left or Right Tracking Cheek Piece. As such this will EASILY set up PERFECTLY to suite a Right or Left Handed shot AND give a PERFECT Fit. THAT is 90+% of actually hitting what you are shooting at!

The usual and expected Single Selective Trigger with First Barrel Swap over set with the Tang Mounted Safety.

This is a gun I find particularly Pretty as well as a Total Pleasure to have a hold of. If I got more time to get out its CERTAINLY a contender for my own cabinet!