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Italian made 20g Semi-Automatic 2 plus 1 Shotgun from Breda. In their day everyone’s favourite Wild Fowl and Rough Shooting Gun and with GOOD reason.

Not yet had one of the 2020-2021 930i or Titano models in hand or stripped apart. They LOOK to be very similar in action design. If they are made to the same SUPERBLY HIGH Standard then WELL DONE Breda for bucking the trend these days. Given the cost of new (take a look for yourself at circa £1500 and up) I would sincerely hope they are.

Take one of these old guns apart to SEE the Build quality and just how Well Designed they are. Almost on par with the old Browning Auto Five….which says a LOT.

Similarly these can also be set up to cycle light and heavy loads.  (Provided the correct friction rings are still in place etc.).

Given the build detailed above this is a Remarkably light weight gun and comes with an Alloy Action. Total weight is only 6 Lbs 3 oz (2.809 Kg). That beats many a modern day Gas operated option. They have substantially less internals to factor in and are generally alloy just about right through. The original Dark Blued finish is certainly showing wear but this is purely cosmetic. The rest of the gun is still in very clean condition given the age it will be.

A RARE gun in the light weight option to begin with. 20g makes it even more desirable to anyone who appreciates just how good a gun these still are.


Straight Grained 13 ½” (343mm) stock with some reasonable colour contrast. The original sling screw fitting are missing. The stock now filled with a simple neat and flush wood screw. Forend cap is fitted with a domed head nut. As such easily swapped back to original condition if preferred. Another great feature on these older guns is the simple push out and swap over safety. Turn it into a left handed operator in a few seconds. OK, the spent cases still throw out past your face. However being able to operate the gun properly and safely in your left handed is more than half way there.

Barrel is a bare length of 25 3/8” (645mm), Chambered 2 ¾” (70mm) and pictured with Cylinder or ¼ Choke. This adds approx. ¾” (20mm) overall. I CAN also supply additional single or complete sets brand new at additional costs.

Overall total length of 46” (1168mm) and, as said, a VERY Light weight 6 Lbs 3 oz (2.809 Kg).

I cannot actually recall having even seen another one of these in this calibre in over 20 years!