12, June 2020


Anyone paying attention will have seen a LOT of new gun adverts over recent weeks / the lock down.

There are still A LOT MORE to work through and put live along with other categories to bring up to date. A lot to delete / move to ARCHIVES and even more new items to list, especially in the SCOPES / MOUNTS and RINGS and DIOPTRE SIGHTS sections.

SOUND MODERATORS have FINALLY had a selection of New and Pre-used examples listed. Anything of interest then please do get in touch. Anything not showing we can easily source and supply.

THERE WILL BE NEW items certainly each week if not just about every day that time allows me to get through. If I tell you I have done little else for 10 weeks and have only scratched the surface of what IS here and in stock you might get an idea of just how well stocked we are.

ANYTHING not listed it IS always worth a phone call or email to ask!