15, May 2020



Supplying for GENUINE pest control / crop protection etc. is NO PROBLEM. Durham Constabulary have always allowed me to open up and sell for specific purposes provided social distancing and safe working practices are maintained.

I WILL require details as a professional pest controller so letter head / business card. Or an email from the land owner / farmer in question. It needs to be ‘official’ and detail who they are with full details of the land / farm along with their full name as well as your full details. Included with the confirmation the supply is for pest control, by you, at their request.

If you can sort that out and send it over GREAT. Take a look on the website. You can let me know which gun you want from stock. After that SOME suppliers are still fulfilling orders but at a reduced capacity. Others are closed.

If you need anything else such as a scope / gun bag /mounts, pellets etc. let me know that and I will basically get everything out and ready. At that point I will take card details over the phone / you can do a bank transfer and we can arrange a collection slot to suit.

YES, A PAIN RIGHT WHERE THE SUN NEVER SHINES FROM but for now it is what it is.

Yes, other Police forces have different criteria laid down and have been happy for dealers to continue trading. I am based inside Durham so their ‘rules’ apply.

Very frustrating for you? Try my shoes on!