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12 Gauge Side by Side English made Boxlock None Ejector shotgun Sleeved by Westley Richards.

NO, NOT an actual Westley. But re-barrelled / sleeved by them on a nice enough and very similar action to their own though.

26” (660mm) Barrels with slack ¾ / tight ½ Choke Restriction to each side. Stock is good length at 14 ½” (370mm) pull finishing the overall measurements at 42 3/8” (1075mm). A very easy to carry about 6 lbs 6 oz (2.894 Kg).

As said, certainly an English made Box lock and remarkably like another actual Westley I had in for sale previously. These barrels are engraved with the name to each along the chamber walls. They are basically ‘brand new’ with one small area dropping to 37,000. Everywhere else is all in excess of 40 plus. As such a lifetime and more of considerable shooting still available from this great little gun.

The action was originally Colour Case Finished but not a lot remains. Fine Cut Chequering to the Straight Hand Grip Stock. That has some reasonable grain pattern with a little colour contrast too and a mild Right Hand cast. Snap on Forend and a vacant flush oval to the butt.

OK, a none ejector…WOW, SO WHAT?
As with every none ejector gun I take in / sell I will ask the same questions again and again. Make the same valid point again and again:        Welcome to my usual RANT ….just in case this is your first visit!

Quite WHY everyone thinks they want or needs ejectors confuses me. Sat in a hide? Generally you set it up with a good background of a nice thick Holly or Hawthorne bush. Have a ‘red letter’ day and go through several boxes of cartridges. Get your 100 plus birds. FANTASTIC! A GREAT DAY! WELL DONE YOU! Then spend the next two hours trying to pick your cartridge cases up that have been ejecting so beautifully. ….Straight into that thick SPIKEY bush that hid you so well. Go home looking like you went three 10 minute rounds with two wildcats in a cloth sack. (4 or 2 legged variety)!

A day on a driven shoot? Lucky enough to have that many birds coming over AND someone to gather up your mess after each drive? If so then an ejector MIGHT be justified. Even on walked up they are nothing more than a distraction!

Even shooting clays the vast majority of people call pull. They mount the gun. They take their shots. THEN they put their hand over the action as it breaks to stop the ejectors ejecting the spent cases! Pull the cases out and drop them into a bin or pocket.

£ 249.99