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True Left Handed Sauer Model 200 Bolt Action Rifle currently set up in .270 calibre. These are an easily interchangeable barrel calibre design so extremely versatile. In a true left handed format they are not that common either. I also have a limited selection of other calibre barrels available so please ask if you are looking for something different. Personally I prefer the older 200 series over the newer 202. I like the vertical safety operation located within the trigger guard running up to the top tang. Push up to lift the red warning pin and make ready to fire or press back down for safe. Very easy to use in either hand and I DO have one in my own personal cabinet.

A 23 5/8” (600mm) barrel and 14” (356mm) stock pull bring in an overall length at 44” (1118mm). With a bare weight of 7 Lbs 15 oz (3.6 Kg).

That includes what could well be an after-market Pachmayer Recoil Pad. The stock is also a true left handed option with a good palm swell to the left side of the grip area. A Strong Straight Grain Walnut with some Good Colour Contrast and still clean chequering. Pretty clean from any blemishes worth detailing this is a clean enough HIGH END and TOP QUALITY rifle. There is an after-market bi-pod sling stud swivel fitted along with the original Sauer flush fitting quick detachable push release options.

As things are Sauer have now ceased production of these rifles. A GREAT shame in many ways but in reality most likely because they simply cost too much to make compared to their latest options.

I WILL include my usual comment on the calibre. ESPECIALLY given the numbers of calls and recent jump in interest.

Exactly the same as with the other right handed rifle I have here:

A standard 130 grain bullet is MORE than capable of taking anything ‘on offer’ throughout Europe. 20 years ago this calibre was widely considered to be ‘THE DOGS BO_ _OCKS”!


In reality there were only ever two things that contributed to it falling out of favour and fashion. They ARE one of the noisiest calibres out there. Where a .243 or .308 goes bang a .270 DOES go CABOOM. The other possible problem was the recoil. Some poorly designed rifles did not transfer the ‘THUMP’ straight back and into your shoulder. Or if you did not take a good hold of the stock you could and would get a good ‘reminder’. Either way the recoil could be NASTY. This often led to flinching and poor shooting.

The bonus of the calibre is that it is just about, if not, THE MOST FORGIVING round available. Even a poor or misplaced shot would still drop most stuff within a few yards. They can save many hours searching for and following a wonded animal. It was the ‘be all and end all’ calibre north of the border for many years. Currently un-threaded it can be done within a few days, in house if required.

Now, the fact is that anyone and everyone can have a sound moderator these days. They basically do two things. Cancels out both of the potential problems leaving the down range effectiveness completely intact. I wonder just how long it is before the ‘media experts’ latch on and get around to promoting the .270 again. No doubt as the latest next ‘best thing since the wheel’. Newly re-discovered calibre ‘all singing – all dancing’ ‘MUST HAVE’ latest thing!