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12G Over and Under Single Selective Trigger Boxlock Multi Choke Ejector shotgun from Rizzini, Italy.

27” (686mm) Multi-choke barrels currently fitted with ½ and ½ restriction. The chokes are hand changeable and extend the barrels by approx. 3/8” (10mm) with the knurled finger grips section. This is a Sporting example with a ½” (12mm) flat topped rib fitted with twin sighting beads. A small brass mid-way with a red high-vis front to line everything up. At 8 Lbs 2 ½ oz (3.7 Kg) not a light gun. Even with the ventilated side jointing and top ribs. Certainly built for comfort on clays as well as game.

Side plated Box Lock Ejector. A feature that always lifts a standard gun just that little bit higher. They give even more space to continue the extensive Bouquet and Scroll Engraving this gun has all over. As said, this is a Single selective trigger allowing choice of first barrel to shoot. The small pin set in the Gold Washed Trigger pushes left or right to swap things out.

This IS one of the older and far superior guns. At time of listing I have a newer version in stock. This version is so far ahead they are like two different species. A Very Well Figured and Right Hand cast Maple Walnut Stock has a trigger pull length at 14 3/8” (365mm). In addition it has a very definite Palm Swell to the grip.

VERY LIKE several other guns I have sold in the past.

One an SKB from Japan, a second a Parker Hale, another two Bettinsoli. ALL the same type of timber. The exact same palm swell, even the same action though admittedly not side plates. Personally it definitely suites my hand which is quite big and I LIKE these guns. Every example VERY well made and excellent quality. It is certainly something that will feel 100% right or not at all when you take hold. As such the gun will make a decision for you.

This has been a well-cared for and cherished gun. Yes, pre-used but everything is in very good order. Chokes well maintained and protected with brand new grease. The previous owner even fitting ‘O’ Rings behind each chokes shoulder for storage.