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Remington Arms Model 700 Bolt Action Tactical Heavy Barrel Target Rifle is .308 Win calibre. A extremely clean example with LONG RANGE 26” (660mm) Heavy Weight Barrel Screw Cut at 19x1mm Metric thread. This comes with its matching Muzzle Break which adds 1 ¼” (33mm) when fitted.

Fitted to an After-Market Black Archangel Tactical Sniper Stock currently pictured with a pull length at 13 ½” (345mm). This IS adjustable with 1/8” (3mm) Positive Click Adjustment position out to 14 ¾” (375mm). NOTE the adjustment knobs. At its longest the overall maximum length measures 48 ¼” (1225mm). Scales registering a BARE weight 2 oz short of a straight 12 lbs (5.386 Kg).

Get this set up, lined up on a target and its going to shoot where its pointed!

The Stock also features an auto deploy built in, spring loaded bi-pod approx. 9 ½” (240mm) high to the rifle bore. In addition a handy built in trap door to the grip for cleaning pull through or similar kit storage. Sling points are inlet flush to accept QD Sling Studs in several key points to maximize carrying comfort.

The Barrel, Bolt and Action also freshly back from Cerakote treatment. Said to be in excess of 180 times more resistant to corrosion than stainless steel. No idea quite how many shots went through prior to this upgrade but its pretty clear not many. Unfortunately no way of accurate information as the previous owner is sadly no longer with us. However, I WOULD suspect the rifle will have been ‘checked’ to see just how accurate it was BEFORE embarking on the stock and protective coating.

There is WELL in excess of a £500 spend to get it to this. That makes the actual rifle EXCELLENT value for money at this asking price.

Its certainly the way I would go before ploughing money into something. IF its been fired since the upgrades I will be surprised. I can’t even find any carbon deposits on the muzzle break holes!