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.308 Semi Heavy Barrelled Bolt Action Rifle from Parker Hale. Mysteriously that is as far as any ACCURATE information goes APART from advert details below.

Take a look at the rifle and details. Anyone with any confirmable information please do drop details over.

The barrel is a Semi-Heavyweight Target format but a compact 19” (483mm). Pre-threaded and currently fitted with a Military style Front Battle Sight that screws on and adjusts. It also shows signs of use with a sleeve over sound moderator. The ‘usual’ light rub marks from the rear bushing when not been machined with correct tolerances. The slightly odd thing there though is that they are well past the usual position down the barrel. As such it must have been a very long sleeve / moderator. There is also a small flash of green paint by way of a datum point for correct alignment.

Fully stamped up as Parker Hale including the Birmingham address.

13 ¼” (337mm) stock. An as near perfect example to the original 1200 TX Full Sized Target Rifles. Even the barrel channel is the same sized ready to take a heavier profile. Fitted with a flush fixed position accessory rail to the bottom of the forend. Currently fitted with a P.H. Spigot bipod attachment Hand stop. Basically exactly the same as a 1200 TX also here now apart from the height adjustable butt plate. No additional length spacers but an easy enough option to make up. Plus the fact it is also finished in a Green. I will guess at Beech but it is WELL Figured Woodwork underneath if it is. Three Large Loop Target style Sling points.

The action also matches other Parker Hale rifles in stock with the same safety, bolt and features etc. Overall the gun tips the scales at 9 Lbs dead (4.083 Kg). With an overall length at a compact 40” (1015mm).

I can find ZERO information in any of the old manufacturers catalogues. According to them this rifle does not exist. It IS CERTAINLY something of an oddity. As said, definitely everything ticked as far as a genuine piece from this Iconic and collectable maker. BUT as to exactly why and what this actually was and is can be anyone’s guess.

This WAS the only example I have ever seen but  SODS LAW: I NOW HAVE TWO!

IS it a prototype for evaluation. Did the military or police ever require and ask for a shorter more compact style and lighter weight sniper rifle? IS THIS A SPIN OFF / RE-MODEL OR ADAPTATION from an M82, M84 or similar? At the overal specifications of a straight 9Lbs and 40″ it could have been for close quarter purposes. A totally different need against long range sniping…..


AS SAID ALREADY, ANY ACCURATE INFORMATION WOULD BE MORE THAN WELCOME. Just for the knowledge alone let alone as provenance for the gun.

The Detachable 10 Round Magazine IS also a manufacturers original. It fits and works in other P.H. rifles as do their magazines in this. It does have a small after-market addition of a spring mounted to the back. This is simply to reduce / stop the ‘play’ within the housing itself. It would unscrew and go back to original but as detailed it would rattle a bit.

Otherwise Everything thing is in Excellent Condition inside and out. This could be a silly asking price either way you look at it. IF it is something with some provenance and record this will be CHEAP. If a ‘bitsa’ and just someone’s personal ‘play thing’ made up by Parker Hale to an individual spec. Then maybe not.