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Excellent Condition Model 1200 Deluxe .243 Bolt Action Rifle from Parker Hale, Birmingham, England. Considering when production ceased this is in remarkable condition. Especially considering it’s in THE most popular calibre here in the UK. Other than a few light superficial marks to the stock there is little else over Bare Minimum sign of use.

Original Specification 22” (560mm) Barrel still complete with its Open / Iron Sights. The Rear ‘V’ a Williams Windage and Elevation Adjustable example. All metal work is near immaculate. Even the Bolt Knob and Gold Washed Trigger which are the first areas to show use. Action pre-drilled and tapped to accept suitable bases and rings. I WILL have original Parker Hale matching Scope mounts in High and low. Inch and 26mm. Occasionally 30mm examples but they are seriously rare. The usual Embossed Pattern Rams Head and Scroll to the Hinged Magazine Floor Plate.

Stock pull is currently 13 ¾” (350mm) to include the Branded Recoil Pad. Raised Cheek Piece and a Nicely Decorative Grain Pattern with Good Pattern and Colour. Rosewood Grip Cap and a Schnabel Forend Tip. Chequering is all still Very Clean, Sharply Defined and Crisp.

A TRUE British made CLASSIC Sporting Rifle from one of the World’s best known and still iconic makers.

I make no apology for this next bit and admit I post it on just about all Parker Hale adverts:

Supplied a keeper with a .243 Parker Hale many years ago now. In reality the budget he set was a JOKE but never one to ‘shy away’ I accepted the challenge. As things were,  the only candidate was the rifle referred to. It was pre-threaded and I had a ‘no name’ but actually excellent quality 8×56 scope. The ‘hardest’ bit was using a set of original bases and rings!

I won’t bore with the entire tale. However the rifle was in pretty poor condition and most would not use it to grow beans up.

Set up and away to test fire. (Given he HAD said a 4” group at 50 yards was good enough for the job he wanted it for)!

Three 100 grain Winchester Soft points later: Nothing but the lead around any one of the holes in view with a new 1p piece sat on top. Target at 108 yards. Not saying this WILL do the same but ZERO reason to be seen why it would not. Even pretty close and its still as good as most of anything brand new today.