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.243 Parker Hale Bolt Action Rifle in a RARE Laminate stock. This stock option is only available on some of the latest rifles to be built before the manufacturer sadly closed. Almost as rare as the stock is the detachable Large Capacity (10 ? round) Magazine as showing in the images. It is possible I may have a standard size (5 ? round) option which are much less obtrusive if preferred.

21 ¼” barrel, pre-threaded in 15x1mm Metric ready to take a sound moderator of choice. Obviously I can sort whatever option you prefer if not already in stock. Length of pull is a straight 14” (356mm) which makes up an overall measurement of 42 ¼” (1073mm). Condition is generally excellent, especially given the guns age. It tips scales at a ‘solid’ 8 lbs 6 ½ oz (3.187 Kg).


I appreciate these ‘Old Parker Hale Rifles’ ARE INDEED exactly that. OLD. However that does NOT mean they will not still shoot exceptionally well.

I set one of these up a few years ago now. As a budget package for a game keeper / customer based in Lincolnshire. That rifle was one of the tattiest looking guns I had the pleasure of owning through the business. Given the budget and spec. it was the only option to start from. The request was for Bases, Rings, an 8×56 Scope and Sound Moderator. ALL at a budget that would not buy a beat up PCP!

Accuracy was secondary as all he needed was a 4 inch group at 50 yards. He only needed that. His target was a group of marauding Fallow deer that kept destroying pheasant feeders and pens etc. They would happily follow him up feed rides maybe within 20 yards. No ’glory’ shots just simple ‘boiler house’ / get the job done and move on scenarios. Protect the birds first and foremost.

The rifle he got produced a group as good as ANYTHING brand new today. 3 round all under a 1p piece at 100 yards. The only thing you could see was the lead ring from two. If this is as good (no reason to think it won’t) it will make someone a SUPERB CLASSIC Rifle. From an Iconic British Maker.