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South African made Musgrave (RSA) Bolt Action Match .308 Target Rifle. Actually stamped up with the following detail: 1999 PALMA COMMEMORATIVE MATCH RIFLE. S/N. 0001. Searching the internet provides zero information about this particular Limited Edition option. ANYONE out there with ACCURATE detail or knowledge PLEASE DO get in touch.

This DOES go down as YET ANOTHER ‘SLEEPER’. Adding to the many I just love to uncover and bring back ‘Into the Light’. It appears to have done minimal shooting since new and has actually been in storage for several years.

ANYONE out there with a collection of these older but still FANTASTIC Long Range Target Rifles this IS an opportunity. Its is a LONG way from common the get the chance of gun No 1 from any Limited Edition Series.

A longer than usual Musgrave standard this features a 30 ½” (775mm) Stainless Steel Heavy Profile HIGH Grade Match Barrel. Stock pull is currently 13 5/8” (345mm) but could be extended easily with an additional spacer to the Butt / Recoil Pad. That itself adjustable for height as well as rotational / twist to allow PERFECT shoulder positioning. The Cheek Piece also offers adjustment for height and lateral twist too.

I am assuming a Special Purpose Made and again part of the Strictly Limited Spec. Solid Polymer / Resin Stock. Finished in a Light and Dark Grey Pearlescent Fleck with Thumbhole Bridge Recess.

Currently set up as a Single Stage Trigger but appears Fully Adjustable and obviously Match Grade when out of the stock. Flat Bottomed Single Shot Action all FULLY and Professionally Pillar Bedded for Maximum Accuracy Potential.

Safety is actually missing but this IS supposed to be a dedicated Range Rifle. Competent shooting does not actually require one but it may well be an easy enough job if required. Looks to be a ‘Low Level’ Mauser style.

The gun is NO lightweight. Scales level out circa 13 Lbs 4 oz (6 Kg) as pictured. That includes the 20 MOA (?) Scope Rail and Target Sling Point. Also fitted with a Flush Inlet Inverted ‘T’ Target Accessory Rail to the Bottom of the Forend.

A DEFINITE piece of Shooting History with Direct Connection to the NRA / Bisley and Palma Cup Competition. A Rifle SPECIFICALLY Built for LONG Range Accuracy, Target and Competition Shooting. The thought of someone taking, shooting for and Winning The Palma Cup Competition CERTAINLY appeals. It WOULD be a wonderful achievement for Rifleman and Rifle combined.

Once this sells its likely never to resurface and become available again until that new owner departs this world! Have Rifle No. 1 and BE No. 1. Miss the opportunity and REGRET it for ever more. YES, this IS the most expensive example I can currently find on line. BUT it IS also a ONE OFF that you will not find ANYWHERE else. If you don’t want to spend the money then buy another.