Merkel KR1 Bolt Action Rifle in 9.3x62mm.

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Merkel KR1 Bolt Action Rifle in 9.3x62mm.

Ideal for just about any game species through to semi-dangerous / LARGE animal (up to and beyond Moose). Probably THE most common calibre used on mainland Europe for driven game shoots and wild boar. Several options of a good heavy weight bullet and plenty of energy with relatively light recoil. The 9.3 lends itself ideally to the hunter of this type of quarry though equally good for a traditional stalk.

The KR 1 is a standard Bolt Action rifle very similar to a Mauser 66.

With both the entire top of the action slides back and forth in operation. The bolt handle also features a minimal lift angle. Assisting in as fast a reload as possible.  6 lug lock up on the bolt marrying in directly to the barrel. Resulting in perfect alignment between bolt face and barrel bore which is guaranteed too.

Modular design and construction means that the barrels / calibres are actually interchangeable. As such they offer great flexibility. This comes with 21 ½” (545mm) barrel fitted with the high visibility fluorescent bead sights. For those who prefer a scope dovetails to the chamber area allow mounts to be fitted to suit. Well figured, strong and straight grained stock. Offering a current length at 14 ¼” (363mm) including the recoil pad and mounts well to either shoulder. One small blemish to the bottom right hand side of the pistol grip. In reality it is not that noticeable unless you go looking for it. Zero effect on the use or performance of the rifle.

The single trigger can be cocked to set or hair or used as a normal unit. For some reason people here in the UK tend to shy away from these types of triggers. Simply FIND OUT how they work. LEARN HOW TO DISENGAGE IT when the chance of a shot wanders behind some cover. Do that and they are a superb option to have on a rifle. Shotgun style tang safety open the option for a left handed shot too.

Remarkably compact with an overall length of just 40 ½” and handle exceptionally well. Tipping the scales at a light weight 5 lbs 8 oz.
A SUPERB rifle from a top German manufacturer and in close to as new condition.