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CLASSIC Mauser Model 66S Bolt Action Sporting Rifle. Just about the cleanest example I have seen too. This is in excellent overall condition with some Good Dark Contrasting Straight Grain Stripes. The Skip or Fox Cut Chequering always sets a gun stock off for me too. It finishes with a ‘square’ profiled Rosewood Forend tip. This is an ‘S’ series example: Safety positioned to the side of the action, not the back of the bolt. Being a newer version rifle there is no soldered front barrel band sling swivel point.

Quite WHY people do not like these is due to mis-information posted on line. Generally by people who do not actually THINK about what they write. The ‘age old complaint’ is always that you can’t keep your head on the stock when you reload. ‘The action and bolt come back and bash your face’!


WHO keeps their mug clamped to the stock of a sporting rifle as they reload another round? My head NEVER stays against the stock while I cycle a bolt. I am BUSY  actually WATCHING what the result is from that shot. MY head is well away from the stock while I cycle a follow up into the chamber. Quite HOW anyone manages to bash themselves in the face with a bolt raises the question. SHOULD they actually be allowed out unsupervised with even a catapult?

Anyway, back to this rifle: 23 ½” (597mm) barrel which ARE actually inter-changeable IF you can find any. They were about if not the first commercially available switch barrel rifle available. Stock pull of 14 3/8” (365mm) gives an overall length at 41 ¼” (1048mm). Tipping the scales at 7 Lbs 13 oz (3.57 Kg).

Traditional Double / Twin set or hair trigger. Yet another feature the UK market has a dislike for with no good reason. Other than generally just too damned lazy to LEARN how to use one properly. Then, and more importantly, how to return the thing to safe if the shot is not actually taken. Do that and you will soon fall in love with triggers like this!