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AS CLEAN / MINIMAL USE GENUINE 1894CS ‘MARLIN’, Marlin Lever Action .38 – .357 Magnum Rifle as you will find. Production / Serial Number puts this to PRE-Remington and the ‘Gremlin’ era. Purchased BRAND NEW by the fella who has just parted with it. He also tells me it sat in his cabinet for AT LEAST the entirety of the last 15 years. Even before that he only rarely used it as seldom did any range work. Bought, as SO MANY were after the pistol ban came into effect. Serial number puts this down to 1996 manufacture. Then it basically on a shelf for 2 years until the Registration card was filled in showing purchase date on 30-05-1998. The owner tells me he did actually use it but VERY little. He simply preferred his pistol shooting but a rifle was the only option. Rifle shooting did nothing for him by way of challenge or desire.

Barrel is 18 ½” (470mm), Trigger / Stock length 13 ¾” (350mm) and together bring in an overall measurement of 35 ¾” (910mm). Scales tip out at 6 Lbs 4 oz (2.84 Kg). As with all of these style rifles EASILY useable from either shoulder too. The ONLY minor issue being spent case ejection for a left hander. Its not REALLY an issue unless YOU allow it to become one.

It IS CLEAR to see the background story stacks up 100% TRUE. The Original Box is hear along with Factory Paperwork etc. Looking at the rifle itself if ANYONE is welcome to try and show me any particular sign or evidence to argue. The absolute last TINY bit to the sprung side feed port. Another TINY mark to the Top Tang from the Cocking Lever touching when pulled back. Factory testing does that and more most times. Woodwork IS like NEW with Chequering Every Bit as Sharpe and Pronounced as it left production bench. Let alone the Marlin factory after being put together on the gun!

In reality this is the equivalent of a car with MINIMAL delivery mileage on the clock with the factory inside 20 miles of the dealership!

Your CHANCE to get hold of one of if not THE CLEANEST ORIGINAL Marlin Rifle. ALSO in THE Most Popular UK Under-Lever Calibre. NO, its not ‘cheap’. However, for EXACTLY what it is I do not consider it anything past fare and reasonable. Not agreeing is fine. I generally have other examples available to choose from so nothing really ‘lost’. However, IF you DO want the best and realise that IS well worth paying for you WILL also hopefully agree.

A quick check on line and it would appear my comments ARE valid too.