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Krico Bolt Action Rifle in the INCREASINGLY POPULAR calibre of .222.

THANKFULLY people ARE beginning to wake up to this SUPERB little calibre. They really are a DELIGHT to shoot with excellent accuracy potential. OK, Yes, less energy and velocity than the other .22 centre fire options. BUT still MORE than enough for what any of them should be used for. At on time the calibre was falling into obscurity so its wonderful to see a resurgence in interest. Its also telling that everyone who has bought over the last few years wish they had done so decades ago.

23 5/8” (600mm) barrel set to a stock pull of 13 ½” (343mm). Weighing in at a bare 7 Lbs 2 oz (3.23 Kg) and an overall length of 42 ¼” (1073mm).

These rifles are Always Elegant with Beautiful Design and Manufacture. West German manufacture so the Quality IS Always there. The rear of the bolt profiled to perfectly match the same curve as the back of the Action. Shaft of the bolt is also Engine Turned or Jewelled finish. Another classy touch. The Bolt handle also SCREAMS Finesse. They are SO slender and minimal in size and profile with everything running as if silk. Detachable Vertical Stack Magazine with sufficient capacity for just about any situation. Large Side mounted safety for VERY positive operation. On or off.

Chequering is still all pretty clean and well defined and only Very Light superficial marks anywhere on the gun. Reasonable Grain Pattern too. Just an all round NICE rifle and something a ‘good measure’ over average. Fully Adjustable Trigger but as it currently is the release is Very Clean already.

This can be screw cut for a sound moderator in our own workshop and at a reduced rate. The saving is a good start to the sound moderator which can also be supplied and CORRECTLY fitted.