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French made 12g Darne Side by Side Model / Grade 12 Shotgun. 25 ¾” (653mm) Barrels with Standard Classic and Traditional 2 ½” (65mm) Chambers. Choked at ¾ and Full. 14 1/8” (358mm) Stock length which brings in an overall at 41 1/16” (1043mm). Tipping the scales at one ounce short of 6 Lbs (2.695 Kg). For those too young to know that’s 5 lbs 15 oz so a Nice, Lightweight Gun even for a Side by Side.

For any of you out there who thinks you actually NEED a bigger cartridge you DO NOT. PROOF is in the fact that once there was no such thing. Game dropped cleanly from the sky just the same as now and often better. Apart from anything else modern cartridges are also probably even better and more efficient too.

WORRIED about the ‘steel SH-T’ issue? DON’T. ….SEE THE DETAILS AT THE BOTTOM:

Let’s finish the with the gun first: Bonny enough Walnut Single Piece Stock which these guns have. Some Deep Colour with Plenty of Contrast. A Strong Straight Grain through the Semi / Half Rounded Prince of Wales Grip. Arching Steeply Down as it approaches the Original Darne detailed Butt Plate.

Not entirely sure if this was, as now, and a Bright Finished Action. There is what appears to be the odd light remains of colour case hardening but equally that could be patination. Let’s say it’s a Bright Finished Action with Flower and Foliage vignettes to the Main Action Slide. The Shoulders finished in a much Heavier and Deeper Cut Leaf Pattern.

For those unfamiliar with these guns you are probably looking at the ‘T’ Bar to the top of the action. That is the lever used to open and close with the entire Top Half of the Action Sliding Backward to open. We can call it an ejector but they do not ‘pop’ out. Rather two extraction claws drag the cases out along with the Action Slide.

CERTAINLY UNUSUAL in Design but also Very Interesting and Definitely something different to anything else. They ARE still being made too. If you want something to start a conversation with people on a shoot or clay ground these guns WILL.

Generally Excellent Condition given the age this will be. A couple of small patches of original blueing missing to the barrels. Circa half way along to the top as well as the very end of the muzzles. I would guess its been stood stock up in a cabinet and lent against something. Its nothing of any real concern. Maybe the size of my small finger nail along with a thing line but all faded in.

Not even what I would call ‘the usual’ on a gun that’s been used at this age. Original ‘Continental’ Style Sling Points still in place too.


One with a full refurbishment done at £1995:

Back to the Steel SH-T issue:

THERE ARE more and more None Toxic Shot alternatives being produced. WITH near matching performances to traditional lead and close to, if not matching pressures. Take a look at Horton Gunmakers for their own entry into this debacle of modern day shooting. IF its so lethally deadly to shooters and game eaters how is it every old lead water main supply pipe is not getting ripped out and replaced? To my mind it’s a DISGRACE that the shooting industry did not simply ask that one simple question. NO, they saw an excuse to charge a fortune and that mainly to the detriment of the quarry. Just my opinion …..for what its worth?

Anyway, take a look for yourself:


NOW, to TRY and help speed up availability I WILL also suggest that YOU pass on details to everyone you know who shoots. Then ALL of us start to ask whoever we buy from why they are not DEMANDING cartridges made in this material? Basically VOTE with your WALLET.

YES, it will take a little time for everything to filter through but patience IS a virtue. It also allows everyone who wants to keep hold of their ‘old favourite’ for the rest of their lives. Even pass it on to the next generation and hopefully beyond!

On that note I AM looking into the possibility of stocking some direct from Steve at Hortons.                                                     RING for an update and keep checking the web site.