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CZ Model 527 Bolt Action .223 Rifle. I actually first sold this 13 years ago and it HAS apparently served EXTREMELY well over the entire time. Back in after a trade in against an Extremely Bonny PCP Air Rifle after losing access to land for foxing.

19 ¾” (500mm) barrel threaded at ½ UNeF. That is ½ x 28 TPI and NOT the usual x20 UNF. I will very likely have a suitable pre-used moderator or two in stock. Or order just about anything else new.

14 1/8” (360mm) pull bringing in an overall length of 38 1/8” and tipping scales at 5 Lbs 12 oz. (2.614 Kg).

This is the Double Hair Trigger option which are NOTHING to be afraid of. All you need to do is remember how to go back to a standard pull trigger / safe position and nothing more. The benefits for learning that one simple task is the potential to improve your accuracy beyond hope for many.

Strong Straight Grain to the Hog Back Walnut Stock which also features a Raised Cheek Rest. Very clean inside and out and no reason its not still shooting accurately 20 years and more from now.

Detachable 5 round magazine feeding the Mini-Mauser Style Action.

CZ / BRNO rifles have been here for just about ever and the proverbial day. Always offering excellent value for money and more than acceptable performance. Also in THE Most Popular .22 centre fire calibre here in the UK too.