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CLASSIC English Bolt Action Sporting Rifle in the Equally Classic Calibre of .275 Rigby (7×57) from: The Equally Classic London Gun maker, Churchill. Also in BEAUTIFULL Condition too. Take your pick on calibre as they all cover each other!

23 ½” (600mm) ‘unmolested’ so NOT yet Screw Cut and NO NEED to in reality, other than pampering to modern day trend! 14 ½” (370mm) Trigger Pull which combined bring in an overall length of 45 ½” (1155mm). Scales register 7 Lbs 5 ½ oz (3.335 Kg) for the bare rifle.

NOW, BEFORE anyone out there passes comment to themselves or anyone else that these were simply Parker Hale rifles: ‘Produced and supplied by them then simply sold by Churchill’. PLEASE keep your MISS-information where it belongs: Inside your skull. There WILL be more than enough room!

I pass comment as it’s just about every time I manage to get hands onto a Genuine example. These people ‘in the know’ seem incapable of keeping quiet. Nore do or will they actually READ and / or LOOK at the advert. If you are one such then take the following on board and actually LEARN something.

Had several ‘discussions / correspondences’  over the years with people wanting to argue and every one of them lost HANDS DOWN. Be aware if you do want to start this time around PLEASE take it elsewhere and argue it out with yourself.

Back to the important bit and the gun itself:

The rifle is ONLY Stamped with the ‘Continental’ 7×57 calibre category so THAT is what your certificate WILL need detailed. I always suggest asking for 7×57 (.275 / 7mm Mauser) to be printed there. Then it allows a rifle stamped in any of the calibres to be purchased. The same applies to a few others so WELL worth finding out prior to any application/s etc. It can save a lot of time, costs and heart ache.

This is actually built on what I suspect is an original German GEW 98 Mauser Action. As are just about ALL Classic English Rifles from all of THE BEST makers in existence. However, I cannot 100% confirm as any and all foundry stamps and markings above the stock line have been removed. In its defence it DOES still have the Original Military Action Thumb Cut Out to the left side of the loading port. Plus the cut out for the quick load magazine charger though the top portion is now removed for mounts. Original Mauser ‘Double Screw’ to the magazine and trigger guard housing too. Now fitted with a Side Position Safety. The magazine also upgraded from a simple drop out and is now Hinged with a Pivoting Lever Release Catch.

Everything, Realistically in Exceptionally Clean Condition with absolutely Minimum sign of much use at all so far. Yes, a couple of Very small stock blemishes but the steam of a couple of cups of tea would almost sort them. A VERY Decorative and High Grade Walnut Stock with Good Colour Contrast. Raised Cheek Piece for right handed use but it also mounts well to the opposite shoulder. Horn Grip Cap along with an unused flush Escutcheon for initials (or even a Family Crest) etc. Chequering is still Well Defined and Clean too.

1” (25mm) Red Recoil Pad which is never needed on a rifle of this calibre. I shoot one myself and recoil (or I SHOULD say ‘Lack of’ is a DELIGHT). The calibre is Ridiculously SWEET to shoot. The EXACT reason why it became John Rigby’s FAVOURITE. Also why he made so many rifles in the calibre Proof Stamped in the Imperial .275 designation. That basically became his own and is known the World over as .275 Rigby.

The original rear open sight is unfortunately missing. No doubt for a scope with too big and objective and / or set in mounts too low to clear. If its an issue I will very likely have suitable replacement in the workshop. Just needs to be the correct dovetail width. Action is already pre-drilled and threaded ready to accept matching Scope Bases and Rings. I will also certainly have contemporary examples available along with an authentic to original scope.

A TRUE Traditional and Classically English London made Sporting Rifle.