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ABSOLUTE CLASSIC and EXCELLENT Condition British Made BSA Majestic in .243 Winchester. Original None Sighted 22 ¼” (565mm) Barrel and HORROR OF HORRORS: NOT screw cut!

Obviously THAT means you have to be of a certain mind set. Also very probably age where you JUST DON’T CARE about the odd BANG. OR simply use hearing protection at the point of taking a shot if that concerned. It IS easy enough when you actually KNOW what you are doing.

Last resort is to simply get it threaded if your willing to butcher something like this.

Stock pull measures 13 ¾” (350mm) and brings in an overall length of 41 ¾” (1060mm). That includes the Original Butt Pad. Bare rifle weighs in at 6Lbs 5 ¼ oz (2.869 Kg)

As said, this IS in Absolutely FABULOUS Condition. It came in along with another Majestic in .308 with Factory Ported Muzzle. Both in equally Wonderful Condition from the same vendor and seriously well looked after since buying brand new.

OUT OF INTEREST its not that long since I sold a .270 version. THAT was just making the same hole marginally bigger with the first few rounds at the obligatory 100 Yard mark. After that they simply continued going through the same hole. As such you DO NOT need ‘brand new’ if you simply want an ACCURATE working rifle. Pretty sure this will perform along the same lines. Worth a thought but when a rifle achieves this age its generally VERY GOOD. If not they end up getting scrapped LONG AGO.

Also, let’s NOT forget that BSA and other British Engineering companies WERE the envy of the world back then. BSA made just about ANYTHING in metal from cutlery through to Motorbikes. (I still have one)! All BRITISH made with our own coal and quality ore in Birmingham. As such a GENUINE piece of British Sporting Gun making History and at a price anyone can afford.

The stock is Very Nicely Coloured with decent enough Colour Contrast to the Strong Straight Grain. Raised Cheek Rest for a Right Handed shot but plain to the other side. As such mounts equally well to the other shoulder too. Chequering is still Very Clean, Well Defined and certainly far from dull. After-Market Flush fitting QD sling stud points fitted along with another Very Nice little Upgrade: Calibre is inlet in Gold to the Hinged Magazine Floor Plate. ALL the metal work is near MINT everywhere. The ONLY wear showing on the actual bolt knob itself. Its clear enough to see the rifle HAS (I suspect) done more than most. BUT the fella simply knew how to stalk as well as take care of his kit. Proof of that is the condition of the rest of the entire gun.

There is also one small piece of Scroll Work Engraving just to the flat of the Bolt Handle Shaft. All three pointing to just how much the rifle was cherished and cared for.

Top of the action is factory machined with a scope mount dovetail. All ready to accept standard Parker Hale ‘Roll On / Roll Off’ matching rings. I DO have a selection of options in stock. Safety is mounted on the rear Bolt Shroud which also houses a cocking indicator. However, it looks like the little red topped pin that usually pokes through has been removed on this one. (Or lost).


For what these old BSA rifles are I would not normally put as much effort into an advert. Hopefully that WILL tell you just how nice I think BOTH rifles actually are.