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16 Gauge / 16 Bore Auto 5 Semi-Automatic Shotgun from Browning FN in Belgium. The place MANY, if not all of Browning’s top model options are produced.

27 ½” (700mm) Plain, None Ribbed Barrel. A Single Ramp Mounted Brass Front Sight Bead and Fixed Choke at approx. ¾ restriction. Traditional ‘English Game’ 2 ½” (65mm) Chamber. (There REALLY is NO requirement for anything bigger. Just THINK back and ask how did anyone even survive when that is all there was)?!

Its NOTHING more than marketing that pushes shooters toward 3 and 3 ½ chambers. No doubt before long someone will come out with a 4” ‘SUPER’ Super Magnum! ‘The MEGA SUPER MAGNUM’! Even less doubt that SOME WILL think they need one too.

RANT OVER. Back to the gun:

Rounded Prince of Wales Pistol Grip Stock with 14 ¼” (360mm) pull bringing in an overall length at 46 ¾” (1188mm). Scales registering a straight 7 Lbs 6 oz (3.35 Kg).

Serial number apparently puts this gun to a 1935 production so I consider this to be in EXCELLENT condition

Anyone not particularly well into engineering and design needs to take one of these apart. These guns ARE THAT WELL MADE they will convert you. Bear in mind the genius that was John Browning. The FACT that he designed and produced this, the very first reliable semi-automatic self-loading shotgun in the world. That every other gun since is basically a spin off from his original. Also that the 16 Gauge is technically the ‘perfect’ calibre for shotgun too. These older guns even have corresponding last two digit serial numbers to the main action screws. All held perfectly in place with locking grub screws.

Older examples like this feature the Trigger Guard mounted push forward / back Manual Safety Button. Magazine cut off lever and all finished with its Original Pressed Buffalo Horn Butt Plate with Full Logo Detail.

NO REAL marks or blemishes of any note to detail. The stock OR forend DOES appear to be a replacement but each matches reasonably well for colour and grain pattern. Strong and Straight with some decent contrast to both and features Nice Cross Grain Highlights. Given condition of the rest I tend to think the stock is original and the forend the replacement. These guns can be set up to shoot heavy or light loads depending on how the friction ring collars are aligned on the magazine tube.

The new A5 options are GREAT guns but nowhere even close the build quality of these older / originals.  Even so they come with a 100,000 shot warranty. As such pretty sure this will still cope with that number and more still. Overall this shows minimal signs of much use since new. With a little care it’s a more than fair bet this will still be working well for your great, great grandchild and beyond. IF there is anyone still allowed a gun by then?