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Basically a BRAND NEW Modern day version of a 16g Browning A5 Semi-Automatic ‘SWEET SIXTEEN’ Shotgun. The name harks back to the days when the genius of John Browning came up with THE FIRST EVER design and build of a fully functioning self-loading gun. It also recognises that the 16 Bore / 16 Gauge cartridge is actually the ‘perfect’ calibre for a shotgun too. Hence ‘Sweet Sixteen’. The original Auto 5 is basically the fore runner to EVERY semi-automatic gun that followed. All trace their routes back to this original basic design concept.

Pretty sure I can state this has NEVER been fired since it left the production facility. It comes with ONE tiny ‘ding’ to the R/H side of the Stock woodwork. Approx. 2” (50mm) forward and a ½” (12mm) up from the rear sling stud. Steam from a hot brew will just about lift it back out!

Advertising this as Ex-Shop Display (but not originally here). I took it in from another dealer closing down.

Features a 26” (660mm) Multi-Choke Barrel, a ¼” (6mm) Ventilated Rib with Singe High Viz Red Sight Bead. 3” (75mm) Magnum Chamber and Steel ‘Sh-t’ Proof. NOT that you need or should bother.

TAKE A LOOK at THIS LINK and afterwards start to TELL your cartridge supplier its what YOU WANT. Pressure the main producers into using this alternative that performs near enough the same as traditional ‘radio-active’ lead with no discernible additional pressures.

Stock currently measures to a pull length of 14 ¾” (375mm). That is WITH two spacers fitted between the woodwork and action. Both appear parallel so no additional drop / lift / cast either ay etc. These spacers ARE available to order if needed as are additional chokes etc.

Overall the gun measures 47 7/8” (1215mm) and tips the scales at a delightful 5 bs 13 ½ oz (2.643 Kg).

These guns come with a 10 YEAR / 100,000 shot warranty. That SHOULD STRONGLY HINT as to just how good and what faith Browning have in them. If not then perhaps you should not even have a certificate! As such there is still a LONG time left and that’s if they would not honour the registration when it sells here. In reality there is nothing going to need repair anyway under normal use. I actually have a seriously ‘OLD’ old version in 12g sat in my own cabinet. It STILL cycles and works like a dream. NO reason why this won’t be doing exactly the same ‘lifetimes’ on let alone decades from now too.

The Walnut Stock does have some Decent Colour and Contrast along with Cross Grain Highlight.

NEW today the cheapest option available for 2024 has a Retail price listed at £1869. (A LOT MORE than a standard 12g offering).

For ALL current spec. on this range PLEASE take a look direct here:


If your not happy at that price / saving I can EASILY order you another direct from Browning. At a current / TODAYS price.