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ZKK 602 Model BRNO .375 H&H Bolt Action Rifle dating to 1972 production. A kick in the pants away from 50 YEARS OLD. ANYONE will be THRILLED to still look even remotely close to as good as this does!

THIS is a Classic, A TRUE CLASSIC from a ‘Golden Period’ for BRNO Rifles and guns.

ALL Original still with only the front sight bead shroud missing. I will very likely have one in the workshop. Full Length 25” (635mm) barrel. Fitted with the original windage adjustable iron / open sights. A fixed V at 100 yards with 200 and 300 yards folding leaf options. (Take a look and see how much these alone will cost on a modern day bespoke rifle. From even a half decent maker).

The Maple Walnut Stock is in equally excellent condition. Darker, possibly Rosewood, forend tip as well as Grip cap, Very Nicely carved in a Radius pattern. The forend is also finished in more of a ‘rounded square’ section profile. Unlike most that are far more rounded. It DOES feel very nice as well as SOLID to the grip. The additional timber helping for strength as well, hold and even weight. Chequering is still very sharp and crisp. Pull length measures to 13 ¾” (350mm) inclusive of the ¾” (19mm) Recoil Pad.

Overall this tops out at 45 ½” (1135mm) and a SOLID but very manageable 9 Lbs 1 ¼ oz. (4.116 Kg). As with any HIGH power rifle the additional weight might well be unwelcome for carrying. However you DO appreciate and forget about it with every shot fired.

Trigger is a Fully Adjustable Single Set or Hair option. LEARN how to use one and they ARE a SUPERB addition for accurate marksmanship. The ONLY thing you REALLY NEED to know is HOW to put it back to safe IF the shot disappears. THAT IS IT. Nothing at all to be afraid of. Equally if you don’t want to then simply use the standard trigger.

The action is, as usual, fitted with their built in Pop Up Peep / Single Hole Dioptre sight. Neatly housed and flush to the back of the action with a spring loaded button release.

Triple Stock screw set up with the usual two on the action. The third through the forend to the back iron sights mounting band. Hinged Floor Plate Magazine, again another sensible feature with large quarry rifles.

As preferred by Professional Hunters /

most people where dangerous game are, these rifles are based on a Mauser 98 action. As such the full length Mauser style Extractor Claw. Safety  position is to the right side and Rolls forward and back / on and off.

The VERY LAST thing you want (or might actually realise) is you inadvertently dropped the magazine. Make a mess of your first shot and have no follow up you ARE in serious trouble! A magazine catch can easily snag and release that box. It lands somewhere soft and un-noticed. At least with a hinged floor plate magazine if the release catch gets pressed you have several rounds cascading down. Hopefully hitting each other enough to hear and draw your attention etc. Far more likely to realise and put things back. That way you are NOT left eye to eye with a ‘widow maker’ and nothing in reserve.

This is YET ANOTHER rifle I am happy to add into my ‘SLEEPER’ Section. I LOVE finding guns like these and putting them back into circulation. Its like bringing them back to life when someone takes them away to use on their trip of a lifetime!

Large calibre guns like this seldom get much use at all in reality. Not a huge call for them here in the UK. Nor that many people with the funds, time or opportunity to go to places where there IS. As such rifles like this are generally in excellent order with absolute minimal shot counts through. Even so I consider this to be WAY ABOVE average. Fast approaching it not already a collectors piece from this maker too. Not inexpensive but it IS well worth it for what it is and condition. I DO have other .375 rifles here for far less money. If you don’t want to go into 4 figures by all means please take a look at those listings.

All in all a Rather Nice and Extremely Bonny Rifle considering a standard production piece and not a bespoke build. Generally Excellent condition throughout too. This will make anyone an inexpensive but still Superb Quality Rifle. Take it to Africa or ANYWHERE else with suitable quarry and it WILL turn heads. It will also do whatever is asked too.