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BRNO Model ZKM 601 Semi-Automatic .22 WMR Winchester Magnum Rimfire Rifle.

Very Glad to put yet another ‘SLEEPER’ back into circulation. This Little Gem has been tucked up and locked away in a cabinet for MANY YEARS.

All Original Spec. with 20 ½” (520mm) Barrel retaining the original Iron / Open Sights and None Threaded. (HOW did anyone EVER manage before moderators)? I still don’t bother, HAVE fired off an awful lot of ammunition and CAN still hear. For those who ‘require’ it this can be left full length or reduced and threaded easily enough.

Pull is 14 ¼” (363mm) and overall the rifle measures 38 ¾” (985mm). Tips the scales bare at 6 lbs 2 oz (2.771 Kg).

Other than a single Light mark to the left side of the Hogs Back style stock there is nothing else. A Strong Straight Grain with some Good Colour Contrast and Highlights. Chequering is also like new to match everything else on the gun. Built to basically last for ever (at least twice) these are rifles I simply love to have. New versions are nice but these older ones were and always will remain a cut above anything else. In this calibre and action type just impossible to better as far as I am concerned. Detachable 10 round magazine just DON’T lose it.

As for the calibre DO check it out. If you consider you can drop anything in this country stone dead at point blank with a standard .22 rimfire. The .22 WMR (Rimfire) has roughly the same energy and velocity 100 yards down range as a standard .22 at the muzzle. With capacity for another 9 round as fast as you can squeeze the trigger NOTHING should escape. That is IF a follow up shot is even needed. Zero Recoil and Minimal Noise even without a moderator fitted. Still quieter like this than a .222 and anything above with the best sound suppression available attached.

Quite WHY or how they fell from favour is a travesty. Happily people ARE once again beginning to ‘wake up’. They also throw out a bullet head at least double to almost 3 times as heavy as a .17 calibre rim fire. Far less prone to drift with a heavyweight punch in comparison.
I DO shoot one myself in case you were wondering.