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SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT 12G Over and Under Multi Choke Shotgun from Bretton and Gaucher in France.

27 ¾” (705mm) Multi Choke Barrels currently fitted with ½ and Full restrictions. (One detailed C/2 and the other CH). To change these the ‘figure of 8’ barrel clamp does need to be loosened off / removed then refitted etc. once swapped out. Its an easy 30 seconds job. 2 ¾” (70mm) Chambers with a single Front Sighting Bead. There is also a rear  sighting ‘channel’ to the action to line everything up with too.

Overall the gun measures up to 44 ¾” (1136mm) long with a Trigger / Stock pull at 14 7/8” (377mm). Quite a long stock by any standards with Half or Shallow Rounded Prince of Wales Grip. Big enough for a man’s hand but still small enough for someone smaller to use too.

Detailed as Super Lightweight because they are. How does 4 Lbs 14 ¼ oz (2.216 Kg) sound? That is just over a normal bag of sugar in each hand.
IDEAL for a lady, youngster or smaller framed man. Ideal for anyone who simply NEEDS a lightweight gun.

I WOULD suggest using relatively sensible and lighter loads in this. Anything big IS going to show on the shoulder. Plus you can throw a pound and a half of lead out there and knock yourself off your feet each time. However if its not in the right place at the right time its still going to miss! Far better and easier with a sensible load and be ON TARGET.


THERE ARE more and more None Toxic Shot alternatives being produced. WITH near matching performances to traditional lead and close to, if not matching pressures. Take a look at Horton Gunmakers for their own entry into this debacle of modern day shooting. IF its so lethally deadly to shooters and game eaters how is it every old lead water main supply pipe is not getting ripped out and replaced? To my mind it’s a DISGRACE that the shooting industry did not simply ask that one simple question. NO, they saw an excuse to charge a fortune and that mainly to the detriment of the quarry. Just my opinion …..for what its worth?

Anyway, take a look for yourself:

NOW, to TRY and help speed up availability I WILL also suggest that YOU pass on details to everyone you know who shoots. Then ALL of us start to ask whoever we buy from why they are not DEMANDING cartridges made in this material? Basically VOTE with your WALLET. YES, it will take a little time for everything to filter through but patience IS a virtue. It also allows everyone who wants to keep hold of their ‘old favourite’ for the rest of their lives. Even pass it on to the next generation and hopefully beyond!
On that note I AM looking into the possibility of stocking some direct from Steve at Hortons. RING for an update and keep checking the web site.


These have EXTREMELY unusual actions. If you have never seen one you are more than welcome to call in and take a look. The barrels slide forward to open the action and allow loading / extraction. The lever to the right side of the action opens and locks the slide.

This gun is near enough as Brand New / Show Room Condition its possible to be without actually being so. It HAS also spent its entire life so far sat tucked away in darkness inside someone’s gun cabinet. SO much so and without moving the recoil pad has started to collapse. Now, given Super Lightweight compared to the average O/U that SHOULD give an idea as to just how long! There is ZERO sign of any use on the action face too.

The last two of these I managed to get hands to both went to the same man in the US. He actually bought one for himself and the other for a life long friend. Both are fascinated as well as thrilled with the guns. This is however an even newer version to those two as fitted with a Cross Action Safety.