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IF you want a SERIOUSLY ACCURATE rifle just check out the Test Group Certificate showing. OK, that is at 50 Yards. The previous owner assures me he could consistently achieve the same at double distance and well beyond too. This is a PRIME candidate for anyone wanting to shoot a degree of target shooting with a none ‘recognised’ calibre as well as for live quarry.

Not entirely sure what actually goes on in his head. EVERY time he gets a rifle so accurate it is no challenge to shoot he trades it back in!??? Never mind, its now here and waiting to do the same for someone else / YOU.

Semi Heavy / Varmint Weight 20 ¾” (527mm) Barrel Screw Cut at 14x1mm Metric. Ready to accept a suitable Sound Moderator of choice. AMBIDEXTROUS Stock is Black Synthetic with a pull at 14” (355mm) and finishes the rifle at an overall 40 ¾”. (1060mm).

Reviewers seem to seriously ‘rate’ these rifles but all pass comment about the light weight and hollow stock. The Rubberised Anti-Slip ‘Soft Touch’ Grip Areas are no problem and offer a nice tactile and effective hold. My thoughts would be to give consideration to possibly weighting the back end to bring the balance back a bit and then possibly even filling the rest up with a high density expanding foam or similar.

These are SOLID rifles with a bare weight of 8 Lbs 8 ½ oz (3.866 Kg). That extra pound / ½ kilo in weight is a consideration but DOES help with the SUPERB accuracy. It IS also pretty unusual in .243 calibre too. With a GOOD sling it should not be particularly noticeable to the average shooter though. Even out all day stalking.

Forend detaches like most double barrel shotguns to give easy access to the barrel locking bolts. Simply pulling on the release catch allows it to be removed giving immediate access to the barrel retaining bolts. Loosen them, pull one barrel out before sliding the change of calibre back in. Tighten up, attach the forend, adjust the scope to match that barrel zero and you are ready to go.

****ANYONE with a spare / unwanted barrel DO please let me know. I could be interested and try to make this appeal to someone wanting an interchangeable calibre rifle.

Detachable Magazine. Adjustable Match Grade Trigger. Stock length is also adjustable. One spacer currently fitted but two more available. Pick a scope and this is all ‘but ready to go’. GREAT Rifles with all of the current options also providing Fantastic ‘out of the box’ accuracy in far from expensive rifles. Personally I think it was a Great Shame they ceased production of this line. I originally sold it from new to the customer who has now decided to trade in. It was the last one available / in stock at the importers then and the first I had seen. IF they were still an option I would be carrying stock, especially given accuracy like this was classed as ‘standard’!

Bolt has a 6 Lug Lock Up so basically the same as the Very Best from Weatherby in their old style MK V actions and the likes of the Mauser MO3 and Sauer Rifles. These tend to keep everything superbly accurate and perfectly aligned.

RRP when new was in excess of £1550 when they stopped.



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