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12 Gauge Box Lock, FIXED Choke Ejector, Beretta S686 Special Over and Under Shotgun. Standard 28” (710mm) Barrels detailed with 3 star choke restriction to the Top barrel and 4 to the Bottom. As such approx. ½ and ¾ and just about perfect for whatever shooting anyone does. A standard Brass choke gauge shows the same though slightly loose. I am NOT going to go down the path of asking who you know that actually swaps chokes out? IF you even know where any of yours are? Does it actually improve your score / hit rate?

OOPS! Looks like I did end up down that path! Rant over and back to this FINE gun.

2 ¾ (70mm) Chambers (AGAIN you really do need NOTHING bigger – almost another small rant starting). Pull length measures to 14 ¼” (363mm) and contributes to an overall 45 ¼” (1150mm). Scales show a straight 7 Lbs 6 oz (3.348 Kg).

Bright Finished Action all Fully Engraved with Scroll Work Pattern. Blueing to the Forend Metal and Trigger Guard is all but Perfect as with the Barrels. 3/8” (10mm) Ventilated Jointing and matching Matt Machined Sight Rib with High Viz Red Front Bead. Stock IS cast right handed so unlikely much use from the other shoulder unless its altered etc. Chequering is still Nice and Clean and still Well Defined. A couple of VERY Minor blemishes to the stock. What can only be described as light finger nail marks for want of a better detail. NOTHING in reality for a pre-used gun.

All in Quite a Pretty looking gun. Some GOOD Pattern and Contrast with a Nice band of Cross Grain Highlights to Both sides. There is even still some original engine turning pattern to the chamber block area. THE First thing to wear away with even minimal use. As such, you SHOULD be able to tell this has spent the bulk of its life so far sat in a cabinet.

Its also NO ‘spring chicken’. Proof stamps of (AN) date the gun to 1985 production! Now, while some will shy away from that age gun those old and / or wise enough to KNOW, WON’T.

This dates to a time when QUALITY trumped costs and profits. Given its not that far under 40 years old its is SUPERB condition and ‘fettle’. Who knows…anyone born that year and looking for a Beretta this IS an ideal little birthday treat for yourself.