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Classic Over and Under Combination Rifle / Shotgun in 16 G over a 9.3 x 72R Rifle from Austria or Germany. Only real clue is the Proof Marks but no actual makers details present. The only thing to see is Bohler Blitz Stahl to both sides of the (top) shotgun barrel. That is basically just the steel used for the barrels detail. No serial number present either which IS actually remarkably common on these guns.

26 ½” (673mm) Barrels, approx. ½ Choke restriction set to a stock length pull measuring 13 5/8” (345mm). Combined giving a total of 42 ¾” (1085mm) from Butt to Muzzle. Scales show a surprisingly light weight of only 6 lbs 5 ½ oz (2.875 Kg). That’s not bad at all considering a Hammer Action plus both barrels to factor in.

Double Trigger with the Front operating the TOP / Shotgun Barrel and the Back for the Lower Rifle. Fully Adjustable with an easily accessible screw for Travel as well as Weight. A BEAUTIFULLY Slender Action, Grip and Forend. Strong Straight Grained Stock with some Decent Colour Contrast. Pistol Grip along with a Raised Cheek rest for a Right Handed shot. However, as with MANY ‘Continental’ guns like this, SOMEHOW they also offer up perfectly well to the Left. As such listing as Ambidextrous and GOOD from either shoulder.

STUNNING HAND CUT ENGRAVING. Profuse to Each Detachable Hammer Lock Plate / Side as well as the Action right around and Trigger Guard. Quite Deeply Cut detailing a Cautious Doe or Hind the Right Hand Side Lock. That side of the Main Action Body depicting a LARGE Wild Boar. Hotly pursued / being driven on by a Hunting Dog. The Left side Hammer Lock featuring a Brace of Rabbit in Woodland setting. To the main Action Body with a Rather Splendid Red Stag Bellowing. Presumably in the Rut and again set within the no doubt same woodland Scene. All surrounded with Matching Scroll and Floret. Continuing to the Trigger Guard Tang, Top Shoulders and right across the Bottom of the Rounded Action. A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF HIGHLY SKILLED HOURS went into doing this. I shudder to think what something like this would cost new today. Very likely well into 6 digits depending on what name etc.


Fine Line Hand Cut Chequering to the grip areas with a Buffalo Horn Grip Cap. The Stock finished with a ‘Cross Cut’ Steel Butt Plate featuring a hinged Storage area ready to accept 3 rounds of rifle ammunition.

7/16” (11mm) Cross Machined Top Sighting Rib fitted with Twin Flip up Rear Open ‘V’ or Iron Sights.

A WONDERFUL as well as Beautifull Example of TRUE Gunmakers Art and Craft. IF this is something you have been looking for or you see it and frankly just WANT it: PLEASE do NOT wait around. I already have an American customer ‘in the wings’ and ready to pounce just as soon as I allow. However it will not be leaving these shores before at least giving someone here the chance to own it. Things are very likely to change as the Autumn / Winter 2024 approaches.

You have until then!