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YES, an OLD example of a Traditional .22 Rim Fire Anschutz Model 1827 ‘Olympic’ Biathlon TRUE Competition Rifle. Actually previously belonging to the Royal Marines Target Team. This came in with as second example, that being a model 1427. Both ‘in bits’ and stocks in NEED of a complete re-finish. In doing so all of the original competition as well as Military provenance stickers had to come off. A shame how people treat something when its not paid for out of their own pocket/s. Equally it’s a fare assumption that the metalwork WILL have received plenty of care, attention and cleaning. THAT IS in their nature, either instinctively OR basically DRILLED into them. The original Wooden Case used for transporting is still here along with a few accessories such as lightweight sling etc.

As it is I suggest this (and the other) will both make 100% DUAL USE rifles. Still perfectly good enough for target shooting. Though admittedly for time critical discipline possibly not matching current equivalents. Equally a LONG way from the cost of the same brand new today! Also more than light enough for anyone wanting Super Accurate pest and vermin control. Given these are fitted with what many consider THE Best Fully Adjustable MATCH Grade Triggers, Barrels and Action available.

21 5/8” (550mm) Barrel with Front Element Holder and Biathlon Flip up Muzzle / Sight Protector. Fully Adjustable Length of Pull as well as Height of Cheek Rest the Stock currently measures 13 7/8” (353mm). Pull length is basically down to adding or removing however many 1/8’ (3mm) Spacer pieces. Barrel and stock together bring in a current overall length of 40” Exactly (1015mm). Scales register 8 Lbs 3 oz (3.713 Kg) so light enough to carry about for quite a while. As its actually SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for in competition.

Another detail to note is that this DOES take the 10 round magazines only. The modern Biathlon Specific options are only 5 or single shot and neither long enough. I can sort out and organise additional magazines even WITH the RED Base covers. If need be also restricted to 5 round capacity but each will be at additional cost etc. Standard 10 round mags are currently circa £70+. With the Red Base Cap they will actually work out more.

The Spare Magazine Holder, currently showing positioned on the side of the Forend. This is EASILY swapped / moved to the Off Side Stock Cheek position if preferred. Its two screws to undo, move and then tighten back up. You can easily see the pre-recessed position on the picture/s.

As detailed the Front Element Holder is still in place along with the flip up / done protector. There IS a hole through to allow shooting whilst closed! Action is also Factory Machined with a Standard Width Dovetail for mounting traditional Dioptre Target Sight. Equally at home hosting standard dovetail rings etc. for a day scope, NV Night Vision and / or Thermal etc.

Flush inlet Target Accessory Rail to the bottom AND SIDE of the forend too. Not entirely sure about the side position unless it was for an angled grip / handle etc. Nicely Over-Sized Bolt Knob too, just to help increase Positive Loading.

NOW, whilst I do realise this is a long way from new it IS also an even LONGER WAY from the price of new. I do sell Brand New too so if you would like a quote for that by all means get in touch.