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MOBU Mossy Oak Break Up Camo Pattern 12G Winchester SX3 Semi-Automatic Shotgun. THE FASTEST CYCLING SHOTGUN GUN ON THE PLANET. Check out the World Records and ‘trick shooting’ videos available on line. Just type into your search bar and watch some GREAT Shooting from Italian Raniero Testa. 17 clays thrown by himself BY HAND into the air and ALL SHOT CLEAN in 2.08 SECONDS. YES, BEFORE ANY HIT THE GROUND TOO! If nothing else its worth watching just for the sake of watching.

28” (710mm) Multi Choke Barrel with Ventilated ¼” (6mm) Sight Rib with Single Front Brass Bead. 14 ½” (363mm) Pull combining to bring in an overall length of 49” (1245mm). A bare / empty weight of 7 lbs 6 oz (3.345 Kg).

As detailed this is one of the Full Camouflage guns finished in Mossy Oak Break UP pattern and IS showing some wear. However the internals contradict the exterior so not entirely sure what’s gone on. Best bet / guess is this has spent most of its time rattling about on the bed of a truck / pickup. There IS still the bulk of the wrap still in place. As camouflage goes what wear there is will make ZERO difference in any situation where it might be helpful. Its NOT THAT much to get re-finished and plenty of people doing it around the country.

Currently only the one choke available and that’s at ½ restriction. I CAN easily order brand new spares etc. MAY even have an odd one but in reality what benefit?

An SX4 Today in 2024 (and basically the same gun other than an updated name)? Try an RRP at £1129.00


As for the Lead Sh-t ‘FIASCO’? READ ON:

THERE ARE more and more None Toxic Shot alternatives being produced. WITH near matching performances to traditional lead and close to, if not matching pressures. Take a look at Horton Gunmakers for their own entry into this debacle of modern day shooting. IF its so lethally deadly to shooters and game eaters how is it every old lead water main supply pipe is not getting ripped out and replaced? To my mind it’s a DISGRACE that the shooting industry did not simply ask that one simple question. NO, they saw an excuse to charge a fortune and that mainly to the detriment of the quarry. Just my opinion …..for what its worth?

Anyway, take a look for yourself:

NOW, to TRY and help speed up availability I WILL also suggest that YOU pass on details to everyone you know who shoots. Then ALL of us start to ask whoever we buy from why they are not DEMANDING cartridges made in this material? Basically VOTE with your WALLET.

YES, it will take a little time for everything to filter through but patience IS a virtue. It also allows everyone who wants to keep hold of their ‘old favourite’ for the rest of their lives. Even pass it on to the next generation and hopefully beyond!

On that note I AM looking into the possibility of stocking some direct from Steve at Hortons.                                                     RING for an update and keep checking the web site.