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Model 74 Winchester Semi-Automatic .22 Rim Fire Rifle dating back to 1942. For what it is this is in amazing condition. Came in from a customer who also left an as new 40 plus year old BSA .270 he had since new. This rifle was apparently purchased new by his father and handed on to him many years ago. I have to state he certainly knows how to look after his kit. A great shame there are not many more like him! That puts the rifle at 80 years old next year and still in perfect working order. A real contender for any serious Winchester collector as all still fully original.

Full length 24” (610mm) original barrel all correctly stamped up. Made in New Haven. Conn. —– US of AMERICA etc. As said, for what this is it is Fantastic Condition. It is also from an era when they KNEW how to keep a design SIMPLE as well as actually WORK.

Super easy to strip apart for care, cleaning and maintenance.

Simply push in the button to the back left side of the action block. The entire internals slide back over and out. The bore can easily be cleaned through along with the entire action.

Integral Tubular Magazine housed inside the stock with loading via the small funnel port to the right side. Alternatively simply remove the mag follower and spring from the butt end and load straight in there. Nothing to lose in the mud, tall grass, inevitable puddle in the middle of a dark wet miserable windy night!

A strong Straight Grained 13 5/8” (345mm) Stock with some half decent pattern as well as contrast. Brings in an overall length of 43 ¾” (1110mm) and tips the balance at 6 Lbs 2 ½ oz (2.795 Kg).

I have to detail the original rear open sight has been removed. However whoever did the patch to the cross bore dovetail made one of the best examples I have ever seen. WELL DONE whoever you are!

Safety is via the top mounted cross action slide. He did shoot this with nothing more than a Parker Hale Dioptre PH 16 target sight. That has been kept for another rifle but could be replaced. Alternatively the action could easily be drilled and tapped to accept a scope rail or bases.